Community Feedback to Exciting 5

Community Feedback to Exciting 5

Hello everyone. I am reaching out to the community for something very important. 

I feel I created something that can work well internally on this platform quite well.

It is The Exciting 5.

Now In case you not heard about the Exciting 5 yet.

I will provide the links for you to check out.

The Exciting 5 is meant to be something that will help Content Creators get more exposure to their content and gain a bigger audience.

Through the use of community sharing and communication.

Just recently The first ever Exciting 5 Of the month were announced.

Here Is The Post Of Who Won

Now that list is present where  those people will share that list with their network. Then more people will check out those people and in turn check out their content as well.

That is the purpose of The Exciting 5.  Create a community promotion of support to content.

Sounds great right?

Let me know what you think.

Check out all the links below.

Now the question I have once you check out The Exciting 5.

Tell me how The Exciting 5 can be more of benefit. What features or anything should be added to make this more workable for you? 

What ways can The Exciting 5 work better for the community and promote content better.

Like to hear back so important. As I think This is the answer to great success for you.

Take a Moment to Check Out The Posts Of The Exciting 5

1. What Is The Exciting 5?

2. Benefits of Exciting 5

3. How To Become A Member?

4. Register Yourself

Thanks Everyone - You Are All Amazing

What Do You Think Of The Exciting 5?

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Ayoola Adegoke
01 Nov

I've been coming across this posts about exciting 5 for the past few days now

I think exciting 5 is really great


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
02 Nov

thank you i would like you as a partner


Allen Archibong
01 Nov

The existing give is a good initiative that will go a long way to encourage content creator to be able to create more content.


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
01 Nov

yes it does it is really great. I just wish more people know about this 


Chidoski Godsent
02 Nov

Congratulations to the exciting five , they have really done a great job


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
02 Nov

the work they do is many thousand times







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