Community-Based Project needs Community Efforts!!

I've been looking in Uptrennd Telegram Channels that's everyone is complaining and that's normal it's human nature but what else you're doing? Are you one of them who only loves to complain or you're doing a little effort to support the project? I'm sure you're doing your best and if you're reading this post I'm 100% sure that you're not here for easy money and it's your passion that attracts you to open up Uptrennd, write & engage in posts to earn some 1UPs.

The only thing I can say is "I hope I'll see the opposite reactions in upcoming days" and regarding community efforts I see you guys are pushing things hard I'll need your 2 minutes to support maintain a bot for 1UP uniswap trades.

Channel: Uptrennd 

Channel link:

Ticker: $1UP

I've been pushing them for a month but they weren't creating a bot for price updates due to less volume of 1UP/ETH pair. They have created it now it needs a good number of subscribers to maintain it. I'll request all of you guys to subscribe to this Telegram bot for live Uniswap trades of 1UPs also spread the word about this channel. 

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Keep Trennding :) 🥳 

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Emmanuel Isang
23 Feb

Am gonna login to the bot ...... although complaining can never solve any problem but rather it worsten case it's better for us to come together and plan a better thing for the project


Joe Yenum
23 Feb

Thank you for your efforts Navi. Most just complain and do nothing to try and improve anything.

I'll go subscribe now.


M.A Khan
23 Feb

It's sad to complain instead to be the part of Change. I have already joined @Navi . Thanks for taking this step.

#keep uptrennding 


Agaga Julius
23 Feb

Complaining cannot solve the problem bit involving in supporting the project can go a long way. To me, I have passion for uptrennd and here I cannot leave because it is good been in uptrennd. I have gained more than monetary rewards right here. So, going to the telegram to complain cannot help but we should live to always support our great uptrennd to the brim.

I will subscribe for it now.

Let's live to take uptrennd to the moon.


Scholastica Kosy
23 Feb

Human have it in their habit to always complain. But I think we shouldn't  just fold our hands and complain, there is more to do.

Let me quickly do the task.







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