Come have fun and win!

Greetings to everyone, Uptrennd is a platform full of fun, and that is why I want to remind you that the appointment is for this Saturday, January 23, 2021 at 5 pm Nigerian time and 9 pm Pakistan time.

Where will we meet?
Of course:
In the informal talk of Uptrennd. join here
There we are waiting for you:
Adelan O and Javier Andueza ,

For us to enjoy the trivia that includes three interesting topics: Sports, geography and entertainment, we will also have picture games, it means that the fun will be overwhelming and we can also win 1up,

Don't wait for them to tell you about it and spread the word so that many come and have fun with us.

DO NOT miss this appointment and come friend to enjoy and win!

For more details on the event, click here. . 




Kubra Khan
22 Jan

It looks like a great trivia, I will join it for fun because I am not much interested in geography. but I will join a casual chat group with all of you.

Thanks for this opportunity.

be blessed 


22 Jan

I will definitely come to enjoy this trivia and you guys will definitely see me.

Thanks sir @javier, @Adelon

I hope it will be great and we will all enjoy it.



Atanda Davido
22 Jan

I will definitely not wait for anyone to tell me about it, I will be there live and direct., been with the big boss @Javier will be so fun and interesting


preview not available Navi .
22 Jan

Will love to attend We got some awesome hosts :)


Umair Awan
22 Jan

I have already set the reminder for trivia after reading the @adelan post. Hope to have some good entertainment and fun.


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