Collage photo of my name artwork.

This is how it done when I'm on to its sign pen tracing all the pencil lines.

It may look very hard to do, although it's really not, the straight lines are not so difficult to trace as I'm using a ruler, the curves are the ones that requires good handling on the sign pen, hand must not trembling when executing a curve lines as chances of mistakes is 50/50.

I admit that I made some mistakes about tracing curves but that's how artists goes through their arts, sometimes we failed but mostly we succeed, it is our goal to bring our works for you in quality 90% on mine lol.

Anyway, I have been taking more time to rest my eyes as it is getting worse. I do needed a new eyeglasses, I hope by December I'll buy a new one when I receive my 13th month pay.

As of this time, I will work on tracing sign pen on few names for batch 14.

​Please bear with me.

Thank you and keep on Uptrennding.



Chinedu Mbamalu
28 Nov

You ade doi v very well sir... pleasd if your eyrs disturb you too much, why nof take  break so you dont over stress your eyes


Adore Eu
28 Nov

Well done big Uncle. You are doing well, even with ruler, it is time consuming. Sorry about your sight. Good to know you will get your glasses soon. It will really help you. I use one too and I hardly do without it. Take care sir . 


Joseph James
28 Nov

Fantastic work, well done. We are waiting for the finishing line. 


Moscom Moses
28 Nov

Sorry about your eyes.

Keep up the beautiful work that you are doing in Uptrennd.

Have a nice day


Ayesha Umar
28 Nov

Well-done it's fantastic artwork... If your eyes hurt please take some rest till you buy new glasses.... 

Draw Straight line  is so difficult no issues it's OK ,mistakes are  part of work....  We learn from our mistakes.... 







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