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For this week’s news,  we have – a fake Uniswap app, ETH 2.0 surpasses its target, and OKEx wants to make up for tough times! 

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Beware of Fake Unicorns


A fake mobile application claiming to be the Uniswap exchange has reportedly stolen $20,000 from an investor. 


The user reportedly entered in their private key backup phrase while under the impression that they were accessing the Uniswap decentralized exchange. 


The application known as “Uniswap DEX,” was published two weeks ago by an entity called ‘Uniswap Inc.’, and has since been downloaded by over a 100 people.



​​​​​ETH 2.0 Ready to Go


The proof-of-stake blockchain needed at least 16,384 validators to stake a combined 524,288 Ether (ETH) by November 24 to launch. 


After sitting at about 50% of that target, the network blew past it within 24 hours. 


ETH 2.0 has been in the works for a long time in order to scale Ethereum to speedily handle more transactions at a time.



OKEx Wants To Kiss and Make Up 

After a five-week long withdrawal freeze, OKEx is planning to resume withdrawals for its users before November 27.


To prevent its users from taking their liquidity somewhere else, OKEx is offering a compensation plan to make up for the inconvenience.


20% of their total income from transaction fees over the last seven weeks will be used to make up to the ones who have suffered from this whole episode. 



What's News At CoinGecko?


Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

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Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving everyone! 

Although celebrations look different this year, we still want to celebrate with all of you which is why we're rolling out an awesome discount for our Candy Store in conjunction with Black Friday. While the crypto markets go on discount, so will our Candy store with 30%-off storewide starting from November 26. We hope you enjoy shopping with your Candies.


Psst! We've also curated a list of Black Friday crypto deals for you to enjoy here.

Here are the top trending coins for this week!

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The new kid on the block 88mph slides in at number 1 this week, followed by DIA!

Did you see this coming? 👀


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XxX offiong
27 Nov

This is really a big blow, scammers seems to be getting more and more sophisticated


Captain Philips
27 Nov

Gazooks, $20k loss is huge! What a mess! I saw one of Okex's offers too to apiece their users, I hope it all works well especially with chance of bullrun otherwise they gonna lose so many users and investors.


MCcoy MCcoy64
27 Nov

In this hard time.

This is purely an act of wickedness from anybody that did that and it's high time people should stop log into any update they see because there are consequences doing that..


preview not available Adelan o
27 Nov

Thank you for the update Coingecko 😁🙌🏽, lots of scam out there, just waiting for the right moment to dupe others, the countdown to ETH 2.0 continues😄.

Coingecko is amazing, keep it up🔥


Saroj Joshi
27 Nov

What actually Good happenimg in 202 is all here ❣️

Thanks for this Blooming Updates and In the list xrp gonna hit the 3rd Position


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