CoinGecko ,,,,,,,, My Entry to #ContentContest ---------In Collaboration With CoinGecko!

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this is the my Entry for the #ContentContest In Collaboration With CoinGecko! 

Believe me 

Before joining the Platform of #Uptrennd i was not aware with the any type of the Cryptocurrencies. couple of years ago my Friend told me about Bitcoin because he was attending the orientation session on Bitcoin in Pakistan. At that time i did not take interest in it. But  now when #Uptrennd Update announced a #ContentContest on CoinGecko it became my Craze to learn about it. Therefore its my 5th Day i am visiting various sites to do my research on all Cryptocurrencies. My this Write up is so simple and easy to understand that if a Layman want to learn, he will be able to understand about all Digital and Virtual Cryptocurrencies and the role of the CoinGecko.

 Ater Visiting Many pages and Sites now i am assuming myself as member of the CoinGecko team lol. Because i am Following the Co-Founders and CoinGecko on Tweeter, Facebook, here on Uptrennd and using their website to keep update myself with Ups and Downs of the Crypto World.

Lets Come to Point 

As you know this Modern era is the era of Technologies.
And Launching of Digital Currencies #Cryptocurrencies are one of the Thousand Blessings of this Digital WORLD. First of all newbies should what is Cryptocurrency in actual sense?????


Like other any Currency, we can Buy or Sell our goods and services by using #Cryptocurrencies. But in addition positive thing is , unlike other Currency #Cryptocurrency Is a digital or virtual Currency that is most Secure and transparent internet based medium of exchanges using Blockchain Technology working on Cryptography...

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Now there are almost Seven Thousands Cryptocurrencies/ Coins/ Tokens etc. And now at the Home page of CoinGecko there are 7723 coins are appearing with 431 exchanges having $325 111 938 795 Markeet Cap.

That's show how many coins are being introduced and this is showing how this World is coming on this Platform. 

CoinGecko is an online Service or platform which provides basic information, Price,  track record, trading position and much more about the Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies at One place.
So that Users and interested people can take advantage to analyze all Tokens or Currencies at one page. you can say CoinGecko is a Aggregator of cryptocurrencies which provides dozens of needs at one place as showing below,

image source:screenshot

Reason to make CoinGecko

As I have told above Dozens of new Cryptocurrencies are being Launched Day by Day.
For a Layman like me who want to know and join the Crypto-  Projects, it becomes difficult to select which Currency will remain best for him.
So it was much needed to make a Platform where the Current conditions and activities of all Altcoins / Tokens / Coins can available easily.
This was the Reason behind this Positive Initiative having Dozens of Benefits.

History of CoinGecko

Who they are???

Founders of CoinGecko are TM LEE and Bobby Ong. Their Purpose was very clear as we Should have  Crypto World in Our Hands or in our pocket 

have mentioned above in the heading of What was the Reason Behind CoinGecko. They introduced it in 2014.
The team members are:

image source , 

Like Other Coins 1UP is also listed on CoinGecko 

If any one of us want to know what is the current position of the 1UP he can take a whole overview of it from this CoinGecko.
as i am sharing with you that what is the Market Value of the 1UP, you can see it below. 

image source​​​

similarly we can see all information, Track record, market rates of the all Cryptocurrencies from this platfrom.
you can say its a Blessing of the CoinGecko that you do not have to search many websites.

If you want to Download there Mobile App you can go here or it is available on Google Play Store :

 If you want to keep yourself updated from various you should have follow them on #Uptrennd , Facebook, and on Tweeter 

their Website is so easy to understand and simple that it is much attractive for every user.

if you want to visit their outstanding and amazing initiative you can click here and enjoy all in one. 

After reading my write-up now every one has understand the work of #CoinGecko and their team members. Feel free to make contact with them they will respond you in much cooperative way.

if you have understand what i have done in this post you may also participate in the ContentContest.
tomorrow is the Last day, Hurry Up ....and click this link

,,,,,,,,stay home stay Safe ......


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