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26 Mar
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Coin or Token? The difference! (short version)

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Juan Luis Suarez 1 week ago

I really didn't know this difference, I just learned something new today haha

AL CryptoUser FR 1 week ago

We learn every day until our last day on earth. I'm glad you learned something from me.

Jaan Tamana 1 week ago

You define very simple thanks

AL CryptoUser FR 1 week ago

Yesterday, I lost 2 hours to write a very detailed article on this subject. Unfortunately, the article was lost during validation due to a bug. Sad ...

TheLoveJunkie Bee 1 week ago

Absolutely, it sure did. I never knew. Thanks Al.

Daniel Taiwo 1 week ago

Wow, I found this useful especially the gas part 

AL CryptoUser FR 1 week ago

Thank you! Do not confond "Gas" with "GAS", the second being the token used to pay fees for  NEO tokens.

Erick Respondo 1 week ago

Absolutely this is very useful information bro Al 👍.

AL CryptoUser FR 1 week ago

You're welcome. Yesterday, i created a very detailled article about it. It took me 2 hours but unforunaly, a bug happened when posting... 


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