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Clueless trivia - episode II

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Chris Tibbits 2 months ago

That was fun! Something where everyone can get rewarded but most importantly...just forget about LIFE STUFF for a while and laugh is big! Look forward to winni...we, I mean joining the said function.
P.S. Busola is banned!! 900 emojis for a movie?! UNACCEPTABLE!!😂

Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

Ahahahahh Chris 1m emojis for you, special question, watch out lol

Romana Grubesic 2 months ago

Hahahaah! Busola killed with emojis! It was.like a child book :) yes, i also had a lot of fun! I did not know so many funny stupidities can come out in a such a short period :)

Osato Jegede 2 months ago

Yeah, I'm ever ready, though I am tempted to come with my African drumbeat. 

Romana Grubesic 2 months ago

Please do! I love that sound!

Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

The drums will add some spice ;)

Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

Yippie episode 2 is gonna be lit 🔥🔥, I might just be a little generous this time ahahah but depends on how my brain and hands leads me, i had great fun last episode, was nice to have to do this with you :)

Romana Grubesic 2 months ago

Busola! Focus! 5 emojis top!! Lol

Elena Demou 2 months ago

Hahahahaha, always a blast! Looking forward to this one!

Luke Brenland 2 months ago

haha you guys make me chuckle!

They are very succesful events so i have heard! :D i will stop by 6PM for me??







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