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One of the most recent developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is Cloud Mining, as it is currently reshaping how the mining of crypto coins is done. Cloud technology is growing and major businesses and organizations are integrating and building most of the infrastructure on the cloud. Users can maximize the features of this technology to execute different applications, processes, and services without having to bother about common issues that affect on-premises or hardware operations. Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and networks are gradually incorporating cloud technology during the development of their platforms. BucksCake, an emerging blockchain network also adopts the technology and applies it to the mining process performed by users on the network.

What is Cloud Mining?

The process of authorizing transactions on a distributed ledger refers to the mining of a cryptocurrency. Cloud mining incorporates the mining process on cloud technology. It involves the mining of a digital asset such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BKC, using cloud technology and computer power. This mechanism allows users to mine crypto assets without the need to install and directly run the related software and hardware relevant for mining. The use of this modern technology has modified the initial procedures required for mining cryptocurrency, and as we continue to witness the advancement of blockchain and related technology, most crypto companies are incorporating this mining process into their network.

BucksCake Cloud Mining

Currently, there are cloud firms that offer mining processes and they often have certain requirements for users to mine via their platforms. New and innovative crypto businesses, such as BucksCake Network, are developing cloud mining offerings that effectively allow clients to mine cryptocurrencies with ease and convenience. On the BucksCake platform, users are required to sign up and open an account to cloud mine BKC tokens. The mining process will cost users a minimal fee and they can remotely participate in the mining of the crypto assets, which makes it accessible to a larger number of clients across various locations, worldwide. With the adoption of cloud mining on the BucksCake network, clients pay a reduced fee for the maintenance of hardware, energy consumption, and other related costs.

On the BucksCake platform, the users, now cloud miners, fully become participants in the mining pool and can perform the mining process using a fixed amount of hash power. The distribution of the revenue of the mining process is shared in proportion to the summation of each users’ mining power. Over the previous year on the BucksCake network, the earning power of cloud miners increased significantly, compared to other networks on the blockchain network. Clients can grow their earnings on the platform without buying additional hardware or equipment.

As stated earlier, the cloud mining process on the BucksCake platform starts from the registration of users on the platform. After signing up, clients are expected to make deposits in either cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETC, and USDC, or fiat currencies such as USD and EUR. The selection of the mining plan follows this step, and users can select from any of the three plans available on the BucksCake platform. Based on the selected plan, users can grow their profits and BucksCake allows the withdrawal of profits whenever the user chooses.


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