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Nathan Kaytar 6 months ago

I'm in!

Can't wait for the coin BURN! 

Itliker Shadda 6 months ago

Hello dear sir i am always here to support you and uptrennd...i am also sharing my refferal link with my friends and i have made 27 refferals in last 3 days ...in these three days i was not more active on and i was interacting some post...

From today i will do both work ...i will engage and also promote...

I have also made a complete video tutorial in national language of pakistan ...i have made 6 videos ...

I will make more video on uptrennd and guide my friends...some of my friends are working and some are waiting for withdraw opening..

From the deepest of my heart i feel thanks for great learning community Thanks alot..

Jeff has donated 100 points to itliker Shadda 6 months ago

Itliker Shadda 6 months ago

Thanks alot jeff sir....

Itliker Shadda 6 months ago

Thanks alot jeff sir....

Matt Armstrong 6 months ago

I'm in,

Love your work Jeff 

Ilin Kazandzhiev 6 months ago

I am every day Uptrenndian so it won't be difficult to "come back" after a week :D

Henry M 6 months ago

I'm in

You've my support as always

Henry M 6 months ago

Still Uptrennding!

Luke has donated 200 points to Henry M 6 months ago

Luke Brenland 6 months ago

Awesome Henry :) your always here buddy and its great to see! Your an original haha

Henry M 6 months ago

Haha, thanks man. Love to be here







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