Christmas Celebration ~ Winners

Assalam O Alaikum!

1st of all thank you, everyone, for taking part in my contest. Most of the posts were about to serve humanity and I liked this. You all have a great heart. 

Secondly, most of the users have this thinking that Celebrating Christmas is not allowed. I believe this is not allowed but still, other Religion people like Hindu People always wish us on Eid or on other festivals. According to me, To wish someone on their festival is not a bad thing. 

Okay, The post is for Winners. So come to the point and here we go. 


The Winners for Christmas Celebration Contest are:

1. Ayesha Malik

Congratulations you have won 250 1UP

2. Mahnoor Pathan:

Congratulations you have won 150 1UP

3. Dr Jilani:

Congratulations you have won 100 1UP

Winners will be awarded to their Entry post.




Maham Javed
29 Dec

Many  many congratulations to all the winners especially to those whom I know Ayesha Malik is really a wonderful content creator and mahnoor Pathan is also awesome writer 


Suny Ag
29 Dec

I congratulate all participants and winners for their work. I wish you more success in contests. Well done winners and judges! 


Ayesha Malik
29 Dec

Yeah 🥳🥳🥳

Believe me, the theme gave me a bit tough time; I thought much about it but then I found something creative and presented it in front of you all;

The only request of mine is not to limit the innovation and writing to a certain sect; religion or something else;

I believe in the religion of humanity;

Congrats to @Mahnoor Pathan and @Dr Jillani;

More powers to you dear guardian 🥰


Bright David
29 Dec

I know since I didn't put in for the contest that you will be winning it because you are so brilliant..... I sometimes wish to be like you.... I often ask myself how you do this.... But guess you do work hard for it.... Congratulations dear.... So happy for you... 


Anees Khalid
29 Dec

Congratulations dear....  That hardwork and Creativity behind this write up as well as clear thinking made you eligible to win this contest...!


Ayesha Malik
29 Dec

Awww you are more unique than me; I am saying this from my heart literally;

Thanks a lot for your acknowledgment and appreciation;

It really means a lot to me.


Uwem Ekanem
29 Dec

Congratulations dear for the good work you did. You put so much hard work on it and you really deserved it. 


Mahnoor Danish
29 Dec

Congratulations dearie 😍

You always come out with the best 🌸🌺


Sani Khan
29 Dec

Thank you so @Emaan Ali for arranging this contest. I have participate on this contest But I could not win. But I happy.


Amal Fatima
29 Dec

All entries were fabulous. 

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉🎊

@Ayesha Malik 

@Mahnoor Pathan 

@Dr Jillani 


Anees Khalid
29 Dec

Congratulations to @Ayesha Malik @Mahnoor Pathan and @Dr Jilani for this wonderful win and there posts are truly inspirational and well organized and they deserve a win .... 

Amd congratulations to dear guardian @Emaan Ali for arranging this contest...!







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