Child labour should stopped now;

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Hello to all...! 

I hope you all are fine and doing great job here on uptrennd.

What do you think about child labour, as it is been increasing day by day specially in my country. We all wished for a healthy and literate Pakistan but how a country be literate if it's children suffer from this kind of situation. We often see a lots of child selling their goods in roads or begging to buy those things. Some of them diying to ask for cleaning our cars or selling news papers or roses ....such kind of things but we don't pay any attention to them .

But did you think for a while, as we want our children to get educated, they also might have some dreams? They might also wanted  to dressed up in uniforms , put their bag on shoulders , tie their laces and go to school for study. But they can't fulfill their dreams because they suffer a head to mouth situation from their family and are forced to go for labour in this small age.

Those people who put them to work didn't have any mercy on these pure souls. Despite of working from them they might be sent them to schools by giving their expenses but no body does that ...

Its the very pathetic condition of our minds that it doesn't effect on us at all if we see a child labouring hard.

But this should be end up now....we should be stand up by against of this child labour ..

who will agree with me that child labour should be stopped?

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Amal Fatima
07 Jul

I completely agree with you that child labour should be stopped because it is crime that little angel do heavy works in the age of innocence. 


Nisha Tahir
07 Jul

this is such a nice message child labor should be stopped childs are future of our country and they must go to school instead of working may god help every child and give senses to people who make the child to work instead of sending school


Muhammad Faizan
07 Jul

Agreed !!

Child labour should be stopped because it is crime that little angel do heavy works in the age of innocence, but we need to help their parents so that they will proceed with this attitude with their childrens.  


Segun Charles
07 Jul

In the United States of America, this is called child abuse and this attracts lot of punishment. It is time we change our Orientation and the use of our children


09 Jul

Ok Charles   keep the posts coming


Saroop Malhi
07 Jul

Child labour is like child abuse stop it as soon as possible...







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