Cheers to a New Month "April"

​Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the pump and dump of 1up 😅

As you know the month of March is ended with some sweet and bitter memories.

Me to March 🙈

Dear March bye bye it's your time to go 🙂

I do some dramatic acting as well "I can't believe my favorite month March is leaving" 😒

The month of March gives me happiest moments as well as sad. In Some days I consider myself happiest person on earth and some days I wanna leave this planet. So many days I wanted to hug everyone, some days I wanted to slap those who hurts me. It was mixed month. It was scary, unpredictable and roller coaster for me. 

Anyways I welcome new months with the line. 

"​New month, New Amal" 🙈🤷‍♀️

I try to myself remain positive and focused on my goals, I care for those who care for me, and for those who don't care I double care for them with my actions and words. I promise to myself that I don't hurt anyone and try to removed negativity from my life. 

I will

💬Be more grateful 

💬More careful

💬More powerfull

💬Be better human being 

💬Give my best 

💬Face every hurdle with bravery

💬Stop complaining 

I could actually wrote whole essay but nah😂

Happy New Month every one😍

Don't be fool because today is 1st April 🤷‍♀️


Your's Amal😊

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Adeleye Abdulqudus
31 Mar

I really love this post and its uniqueness describing what yiu have in mind for the new month. Pretty cool.
i would also love to have some of this too to start a new moth with. 


Saba Kanwal
31 Mar

New day, new month, new challenges and new experiences. I pray the month of April be filled with precious memories.

Cheers to a beautiful, fabulous and amazing month of April. ♥️


Zulfiqar Ali Samoo
31 Mar

This month are very important for us Muslims, because the blessed month of Ramadan starts this month, all say this month is famous for the April Fools, but for the Muslims this month is not a joke but a blessing. Why, what is the fact of April Fool, no one knows. We are just using ourselves behind others. 


Erum Batool
31 Mar

Yeah dear this is not month of April this is April fool😜😜😜.

 Yeah dear Happy New month to you . We must enjoy this new month . Yeah but March is ended I am sad for March. Because after every month our life is decreasing


Ifiok Eso
31 Mar

Amen dear. Thanks so much for the wishes.  I also wish you same and more blessings to you and your family in this new month.







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