Chasing the Pump is a Dangerous Game

Everyone who is still in on Matic should look to Chainlink when they announced their google partnership.

These hype cycles do not last.

We are in a bear market and longs are jumping on any pump they can, over-inflating the price, making the inevitable fall even harder.

Now is the time to be evaluating which tech and projects you believe in the most.
The bear market is the perfect opportunity to accumulate at steep discounts in projects that will have mass longevity.

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."
- Warren Buffet

Being inpatient and trying to catch the pump is no more than a gamble.
Patience, research and an open perspective are the golden keys.



preview not available Dotun Awosika
08 Dec

@Jeff looking at this chart for me drowned in pity for people who bought in when the price was highest and are not at the bearish stated and are not willing to Hodl long term.

Indeed, most announcements or launches cause a short time pump, before the stability come to play, which in the process of sustainability; some down trends or bearish markets are inevitable.


Athar Saleem
08 Dec

◎  Dotun Deetee ☞

Absolutely right said.


preview not available Luke Brenland
08 Dec

I saw this coming a long time ago! lol glad i didnt buy it as i had no clue this was going to pump until it did and would end up being one of the FOMO losers lol

I just thought this was pumping because of the google association and once that died out it would dump.


preview not available Jeff Kirdeikis
08 Dec

Yep! Google using Chainlink does not drastically increase the utility of the token, it drastically increases the potential value of the company itself, which is not directly linked to the value of the toke


Olufunminiyi Ojo
08 Dec

Traders that are after pump price and not the project maybe affect more with this scenario because the market would just be like a mirrage and not reality. Let's be watchful of a project now before jumping into it.


Imo Clement Ekuma
08 Dec

First thing I have ever understood in a project is  BUIDING the value first and very other Good things comes thereafter.


08 Dec

Very valid in today's scenario. The fact that Chainlink's market cap is just $700M makes it even more vulnerable to fake pump n dumps by whales. People who are really interested in Chainlink should do a staggered buy and not give in to FUD.


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