Challenge the impossible: The McLaren Senna

Challenge the impossible: The McLaren Senna

Formula one, as many of you may already know is my absolute craze and has been for long and with that craze came my favourite driver of all time, Ayrton Senna. Now Senna wasn’t a man who spent his weekends driving in front of Harrods at 7 miles per hour, he was a man who spent all his time at race tracks breaking all possible records while thoroughly enjoying himself.

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At the age of 34, when he was at his prime in his career, he met with a freak accident that instantly killed him. They say he “died loving what he was doing”. The legend drove for McLaren and won all three of his world championships with the team and therefore, as a tribute to arguably, the greatest driver of all time, McLaren, made their flagship beast, The Senna.

The car’s sole purpose is to get around any track, anywhere in the world, faster than any other road ever made. To achieve this feat McLaren didn’t even use electric motors to power their rocket, instead they used a 4 litre twin- turbocharged v8 producing 789 bhp to power the car. The other factor they had to worry about was the weight of the car and what they ended up with is an absolute gem. While the doors weigh 9 kilograms, the seats weigh 8 kilograms, in short they somehow made the car lighter than some supermodels.

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However, this car's party piece is its braking. It stops like it ran into a wall. The braking system is the most advanced to have ever been fitted to a McLaren road legal car and is the most extreme braking system. The car can also go from 0 – 60 mph in 2.8 seconds while 0 – 186 mph is in 17.5 seconds, in short, it is mind numbingly quick.

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To help the car, Pirelli had to design a new compound suited just for the Senna’s brutal performance. The spoiler at the back only helps the tyre's grip better by providing 800 kilograms of downforce, that is the equivalent weight of a bison!

McLaren wanted to pay tribute to one of the most legendary drivers of all time, and they did, with the Senna. The car oozes style and performs like no other car you’ve ever seen. The funny thing is, it’s made to perform just like Ayrton did on a race track. He was a lightyear ahead of the rest of the pack on any day and so is this car ahead of the rest of the pack in any condition, any race track, anywhere in the world.

Meet the Senna.

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tori_ vickii
13 Nov

Ayrton Senna was indeed a phenomenal racer but dying racing? Aniss says there's s movie of him but not seen. If not they should. 

Lovely they paid tribute to him and created a sophisticated and well advanced car. Would have been lovely if he was alive to see it. But well, a tribute is great too


marc bryce
13 Nov

They asked his nephew Bruno, To drive the car which is there in the video link I have put up on the post.


Aniss Emma
13 Nov

It seems they made a movie of the McLaren racer that died doing what he loves best. He sure is a legend to those that knows about racing. 

And you're using some words here that only those onto racing can know 😂. Now I believe you're a smart ass. Now onder you're not usually scared of exams.

Editing and editing to make the car perfect. Just wow really. And I can just imagine the amount of trials they would have done to make this car perfect.

Don't laugh at me when I say I rode this car. Not once but a lot of times 😂. But guess where I rode it... In Real Racing 3. It was so real and the car was so fast that it seemed like it was real. If you haven't seen the game and you're not keen with games you should check it out. 

Real Racing 3. It's a very realistic one and it.also has F1 along side others too. Nascar. And the likes.


marc bryce
13 Nov

Haha.... I've finished real racing three before but havent kept up with it for a while now... I usually play asphalt 9 as I like the choices they have there. In truth this car is something else on a race track. 

Did you see the video link I put up? thats his nephew driving the car


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