CHAINLINK VS CARDANO - Which hits $10B First?! | ADA vs LINK

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Cardano vs ChainLink ADA and LINK have both been performing extremely well recently. But, which will hit a $10b market cap first? In this video we look at their coin supplies, we do a technical analysis for LINK & ADA and we look at the Cardano news involving the  Shelley launch and the Cardano roadmap. In addition, we take a look at recent ChainLink news including the Zeus Capital scandal and NEAR integrating ChainLink.  We finally delve into onchain metrics using Messari to figure out which coin is likely to hit a $10b market cap first. 

⏰ Timestamps 
1:35 LINK vs ADA charts 
3:35 Coin supply 
5:40 Zeus Capital Pay for FUD 
6:51 NEAR Integrate ChainLink 
8:08 Shelley Launch 
9:15 Cardano Roadmap 
10:22 ADA vs LINK community 
12:10 ADA vs LINK growth 
13:59 ADA & LINK predictions 
15:05 Messari analysis 
17:36 Conclusion 


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preview not available Osato Jegede
01 Aug

 Chainlink particularly has been pulling a lot of surprises with it's performance within the crypto market. 


Amah Samuel
01 Aug

I've always liked your disclaimer advice on the fact that what you shared here only bit represents a financial advice going by the very high risks involved.

I also understand you don't cater for anyone's losses here with the expectation that a user should do his/her due diligence and consult a financial adviser before acting on any provided information.

Going by all of that, I want to know pls as to how some level of help in terms of a financial advice can come from you.

Then the second is that in the list of all the coins with all their expectancies stated, which of the coin is expected to hit the $10bn market cap first, and that's if you were a financial adviser?..

I need answers urgently cos I want ro delve into crypto currencies and other coins seen at the parallel market of the crypto system


Ahmad Chomaesi
01 Aug

I think LINK will overtake ADA


Godson Romeo
02 Aug

chainlink always make feel happy because it's always pull up in unprecedentedly.... Thanks mate for sharing this great information


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