Chainlink’s market-leading price feed oracles are now available on the Matic mainnet as our recommended oracle solution!

Devs on Matic can now leverage the Chainlink decentralised oracle network to facilitate access to real-world data for smart contracts running on Matic. This has major implications for the for a range of DApps from DeFi to gaming.

Our growing DeFi ecosystem now has access to a highly reliable and secure solution for executing key DeFi functions such as maintaining collateralization, pricing synthetic assets, settling prediction markets, and more. EasyFi, PlotX and other (soon to be announced) DeFi protocols are preparing to use Chainlink.

Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) will also soon be launching on Matic to support a new wave of scalable gaming applications reliant on provably fair randomness. Several Matic ecosystem projects including Aavegotchi, FarmTogether, and more, are already working on integrating Chainlink VRF.

Chainlink is a key cornerstone of the DeFi ecosystem and beyond, already securing over $4B of value for startup and major DeFi protocols, including AAVE and Synthetix. Integration of secure, reliable, and ready-made oracle solutions will greatly accelerate innovation on Matic.

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