CEZO – The Operating System for DApps

CEZO Is the Blockchain Ecosystem That Allows decentralized OS infrastructure to enable full ecosystem required by complex computations of DApps. And the DApps is a decentralized application is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. CEZO is Running on a particular Linux system based, that functions work on both System "off-chain and Blockchain" CEZO is meant to be a model that compensates for the slow computation and transmission of data via the traditional Blockchain throughput. Also The CEZO gonna be helpful in DApps System interface. It's increase in raising The technology of a DApps. And the economic, social, regulatory, and financial implications have led to closer the Security Being Safe The Users Data. 

Cezo operates on a system that operates both off-chain and on-chain, and should be a model that compensates for slow computation and data transfers over traditional blockchain bandwidth. This is achieved by providing a two-tier processing solution in which concurrent processing of data, such as using smart contracts, is done through blockchain nodes and nodes via Cezo.

In doing so, the dApp addresses a number of obvious disadvantages of Blockchain services that hinder wider adoption of the technology in most sectors. It will also assist in the creation of new dApp services specifically targeted to provide additional compute speeds for both other existing dApps on the market and those that will emerge as a result of the inevitable expansion of technology adoption.
CEZO operates both on the blockchain and off-chain, both of which contain nodes. However, CEZO is really relevant specifically for nodes outside the network. They include the entire dApp infrastructure, both in terms of software and hardware components. Users who want to use the dApp will be dealing with nodes and they will also need their own nodes. The nodes will be provided to developers and customers, and the responsibility for them will rest entirely with the owner.

These nodes come with their own components for offline operations. They will provide access to the computing power of the hardware containing the node, as well as all the storage that comes with it. Verifiable computations are also made possible through these nodes using reference implementations. More importantly, it is through these nodes outside the network that the system can interact with the main unit for verification and completion. Losing access to these nodes means losing access to the corresponding Blockchain network.


 Here We Talking About To the Moon Quality! And here we are talking about how's the potential Of the project. And does it can go far ToTheMoon. So here We are Get To Know About "CEZO BLOCKCHAIN ENGINE" recently It's getting More popularity in social media, and in Bitcointalk, so here I'm gonna Reviewing The project to help people To find their Potential and efforts.The CEZO is an blockchain engine that provide the better interface for Dapps Ecosystem in regular time, its providing the better performance and good interface and Due to the nature of dApps. And value is often dependent on the users with a few exceptions such as so-called Stablecoins.in my opinion The Project Is So Good with their Quality Goods and Services, It is gonna be booming in CryptoMarket, as of now project has Decency in their project management. And i believe that project doing good in future for sure.

CEZO Features

  • Transparency: CEZO keeps operations running transparently following the value of decentralization which prioritizes transparency.

  • Reliability: All processes and calculations will be carried out by CEZO so that all computations can be concluded as reliable by the user.

  • Efficiency: CEZO will be reduced delays in calculations since everything is being done off-chain, which will increase efficiency.

  • Speed: Speed ​​is the main goal of using services like CEZO’s. With CEZO processing smart contracts, filtering tokens, etc., it can be done several times faster.

  • Flexibility: CEZO can be used by various developers and with a variety of hardware compatible with the blockchain and operating system.

  • Security: CEZO pays close attention to security because security is paramount in the online data processing.

  • Scalability: With the arrival of CEZO, there is no other reason for detractors or doubters to complain about the efficiency of decentralization.

  • Innovation: CEZO provides services that enable developers to create faster, more flexible, and more scalable dApps, which can be said to be an innovative breakthrough.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

  • Mining rewards:36%

  • Team:25%

  • Public sale:15%

  • Reserve Fund:8%

  • Private sale:10%

  • Bounty and events:6%




  • SMART CONTRACT: 0xFEbc25f4c5fc3E90a7eFaE0b4d436A77c9e131B3

  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 9,900,000,000 CEZ


More information about the project:
Website: https://cezo.io
White paper: https://cezo.io/CEZO_wp_1.01.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cezo_io
Medium: https: // medium.com/@cezo_io
Telegram: https://t.me/cezo_io
Github: https://github.com/cezo-os

Author: albertjohn2020
BTT profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2849107

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