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Cryptocurrency has been on the market since 2009, since that year cryptocurrency has undergone many changes in terms of functions and features. It is not the only cryptocurrency that is developing, blockchain technology which is the basis of cryptocurrency is also growing, which makes it easier for people to be able to apply it to more complex financial cases.

But if we look back, the development of cryptocurrency was not that significant and there are still many problems that cause it to be difficult for the public to accept. For example, crypto users often experience slow transaction processing problems, security, and other problems that often hinder cryptocurrency adoption.

 CEZO: The Operating System for DApps 

CEZO is off-chain computation using a custom Linux operating system to reduced blockchain load and faster processing. It is a specially designed decentralized operating system infrastructure that enables the creation of a good ecosystem that DApps need to run. With CEZO, developers can feel significant improvements in calculation and processing speed, which cannot be achieved with conventional technology.

CEZO is built with the Linux system architecture and utilizes off-chain and blockchain technology which will solve various problems usually faced by Dapps, for example, computation speed, hardware, and OS limitations, verification, reproducibility, security and runtime, and several other problems, and make the blockchain ecosystem is becoming faster and more efficient.

 CEZO Ecosystem 

CEZO is an ecosystem consisting of several platforms. Following are details of the CEZO ecosystem;

  • CEZO OS: This is an operating system specially developed by CEZO intended for the development of decentralized applications.

  • OFF-CHAIN: This feature allows resource-intensive calculations can be processed off-chain.

  • AI, CLOUD COMPUTING, AND BIG DATA: CEZO is an advanced operating system that uses Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and Big Data, to create a fast and efficient operating system.

  • ADOPTION: Easy to integrate, automated verification, and efficient operating system.

 CEZO Features 

  • Transparency: CEZO keeps operations running transparently following the value of decentralization which prioritizes transparency.

  • Reliability: All processes and calculations will be carried out by CEZO so that all computations can be concluded as reliable by the user.

  • Efficiency: CEZO will be reduced delays in calculations since everything is being done off-chain, which will increase efficiency.

  • Speed: Speed ​​is the main goal of using services like CEZO's. With CEZO processing smart contracts, filtering tokens, etc., it can be done several times faster.

  • Flexibility: CEZO can be used by various developers and with a variety of hardware compatible with the blockchain and operating system.

  • Security: CEZO pays close attention to security because security is paramount in the online data processing.

  • Scalability: With the arrival of CEZO, there is no other reason for detractors or doubters to complain about the efficiency of decentralization.

  • Innovation: CEZO provides services that enable developers to create faster, more flexible, and more scalable dApps, which can be said to be an innovative breakthrough.

 In Conclusion 

In recent years the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain has attracted the attention of the public, which presents features and protocols that allow cryptocurrencies and blockchain to be applied in more complex cases. But often this development is caused by several problems such as processing speed, operating system limitations, and several other problems.

CEZO is a Linux based operating system developed for DApps. CEZO allows developers to be able to develop DApps with the best ecosystem available on the market today, which can be reduced blockchain load and faster processing, and many other things that can be achieved with the CEZO operating system.


  • CEZO is a decentralized OS infrastructure to enable the full ecosystem required by complex computations of DApps.

  • CEZO allows resource-intensive calculations can be processed off-chain.

  • CEZO provides services that enable developers to create faster, more flexible, and more scalable dApps.

  • CEZO is a Linux based operating system developed for DApps.


WEB: https://cezo.io/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/cezo_io
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/cezo_io


BTT Username: Sirait
BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1112636
Telegram: @Sirait999

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