CEZO operating system and utilizing off-chain and blockchain technology

"Introduction  CEZO"

CEZO is a blockchain ecosystem that enables the decentralized OS infrastructure to complete the ecosystem required through complex daps computations. DAPS is a decentralized application that is a computer application that runs on distributed computing systems. CEZO is based on a special Linux system, which works on both "off-chain and blockchain" systems. CEZO is a model that compensates for the slow and steady delivery of data through traditional blockchains. In addition, CEZO Apps CEZO Apps will be helpful in the system interface. This is an addition to DApps technology. economic, social, regulatory, and financial implications have brought consumer data closer because of security.

Blockchain and Demanding

In today's world, as we know, there are many crypto currencies around them and they have not tried to create a clean sutra environment here. And in this case, the blockchain help is to create a good atmosphere for the surfers. As you can see, blockchain technology is a system of information recording that shows the record of the day.

Security and privacy are two features of the blockchain that make this technology so popular. However, it comes at the expense of processing speed. Due to the fact that the data to go through a lot of nodes before reaching the final destination, it is definitely expected that the transaction speed will slow down.


DApps Definition

DApps take after web applications, they may have front-end (when asked to complete each task yet what separates them from web apps is the backend. Instead of a Java API and a standard information base, we have a fast-paced process that interfaces with the blockchain and has a lot of thought for the application.

As opposed to joining applications, where backup code runs on joined masters, apps run their own backup code on the blockchain network. Each activity needs to meet the affiliation plan and is categorized at each affiliation center. However, the decentralized applications have a full pack from the backup to the front and back. Sharp communication is just a pass view of DApp.

Platform Bridge

First of all, when it comes to calculations, the limits of hard work can often be the worst stumbling block for consumers. This is followed by the operating system, which is required to work with it, which often requires more than the required use of compatible dApps. No need to worry about new ones infrastructures from the beginning. However, this only applies to independent host systems. There are also services that require only nodes for surfers, but they are very sensitive to human agents. This is where CEZo is really high.

Pooled Mining

It is not a secret that only in crypto mining can there being only a limited number of coins available. The hardest part is the challenge where the processor huddles, which makes the key intensive. The key to solving this problem is that computer hardware has become the most widely used blockchain in the world and that its unique processing power can be used to mine cryptocurrencies.


As a core focus of off-China computing, the creation, management, and implementation of smart contracts are roles that CEZO was created to play. The concept itself is simple and the architecture of the dApp is intuitive. Two or more parties will come to an agreement which will be written in the code of the dApp machine. The responsible developer of this machine will then have access to privileges and privileges that will dictate how the process works.


We have seen many projects without a single plan and we are witnessing their demise. On the other hand, the "CEZO" team has a solid idea and they have almost their products and services. Finalized So in my opinion there is no reason for CEZO to be successful. I appreciate this unique idea for their "CEZO COIN" to perform better in the near future.

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More information about the project:
Website: https://cezo.io
White paper: https://cezo.io/CEZO_wp_1.01.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cezo_io
Medium: https: // medium.com/@cezo_io
Telegram: https://t.me/cezo_io
Github: https://github.com/cezo-os 

Bitcointalk username: ashraf100786
Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1776447


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