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I am here to inform you all by writing a review to introduce a very unique new project called CEZO, so for that, consider the article I created below to give you an overview of this project and how it is going to be. provide a very good and attractive offer for everyone. Immediately, we continue to the discussion below.

So now we are familiar with CEZO.....


CEZO is off-chain computation using a custom Linux operating system to reduced blockchain load and faster processing. It is a specially designed decentralized operating system infrastructure that enables the creation of a good ecosystem that DApps need to run. With CEZO, developers can feel significant improvements in calculation and processing speed, which cannot be achieved with conventional technology.

One of the biggest obstacles to higher adoption rates of decentralized services stemming from the Blockchain network is bandwidth limitations and traffic congestion, which severely slows down computation and transaction speeds. This white paper will explain how the off-chain calculations offered by CEZO through the Linux system stands to solve many of Blockchain’s major issues, improve computation speeds, security, and the effectiveness of Smart Contracts.


CEZO is an ecosystem consisting of several platforms. Following are details of the CEZO ecosystem;

Cezo OS:

Off-Chain Computation Using Custom Linux Operating System For Reduced Blockchain Load and Faster Processing.Running on a system that functions on both off-chain and Blockchain, CEZO is meant to be a model that compensates for the slow computation and transmission of data via the traditional Blockchain throughput. It does so by providing a two-layer processing solution where simultaneous data processing such as those involving smart contracts are done via Blockchain nodes and nodes via CEZO.


● TRANSPARENCY: CEZO keeps operations running transparently following the value of decentralization which prioritizes transparency.

Reliability: All processes and calculations will be carried out by CEZO so that all computations can be concluded as reliable by the user.

● Efficiency: 

CEZO will be reduced delays in calculations since everything is being done off-chain, which will increase efficiency.

Speed: Speed ​​is the main goal of using services like CEZO's. With CEZO processing smart contracts, filtering tokens, etc., it can be done several times faster.

● Flexibility: 

CEZO can be used by various developers and with a variety of hardware compatible with the blockchain and operating system.

● Security: 

CEZO pays close attention to security because security is paramount in the online data processing.

● Scalability: 

With the arrival of CEZO, there is no other reason for detractors or doubters to complain about the efficiency of decentralization.

● Innovation:

 CEZO provides services that enable developers to create faster, more flexible, and more scalable dApps, which can be said to be an innovative breakthrough.

● dApp Definition: 

Decentralized applications are open-source platforms that operate autonomously with complete transparency and with no one single individual or special interest controlling the token contracts. Any changes, improvements, or shifts in use are agreed upon by the majority and all relevant data is stored in a decentralized blockchain network that is accessible to the public. Cryptographic tokens are the sole method of access, which are generated via cryptographic algorithms that represent contributing nodes that support the application.

● dApp Value:

Due to the nature of dApps, value is often dependent on the users with a few exceptions such as so-called Stablecoins. Treated as digital currency, Stablecoins are attached value in accordance with specific fiat currency. That is to say, if a particular Stablecoin is said to only be worth $1.00 USD per coin, this value will not change. In contrast, Bitcoin is worth as much as the market dictates, thus making it significantly more volatile.

● Off-Chain Computation:

One of the biggest challenges of blockchain is the issue of slow transaction speeds due to limits of computation power imposed by the multiple nodes that data has to go through. This is the price of security since every line of code is thoroughly checked, even ones that are done in chains that are off the main block.

● Blockchain and Demanding Calculations:

Security and privacy are two of the features of blockchain that makes the technology highly sought after. However, it comes at the price of processing speed. Due to the fact that data needs to go through so many nodes before arriving at the final destination, there is an implicit expectation that transaction speeds are going to be slow.

● Linux Core for Blockchain Computation:

A considerable number of today’s tech tools and applications are built off of the back of the Linux OS. As an open-source platform, it has become the core of many other ecosystems used by giant tech companies such as Google with its Android OS, as just one example. Blockchain is no different, with different services using Linux in different ways.

● Smart Contracts:

Smart contracts have been theorized for decades and was introduced in the mainstream in 1994 by Nick Szabo. However, it was not until the Ethereum blockchain was launched in 2015 that the idea became more widely recognized and used. The idea behind smart contracts is to create programs that would have their own executable codes and would have their own storage of variables that control access in the form of tokens.


There are several main benefits that come with using the off-chain computation that is offered by CEZO, chief of which is reducing bandwidth load. There are many instances where it was suggested that less decentralization was the answer, but this is simply not the case. Off-chain computation provides a workable middle ground where calculations are done much faster and where they are dispute resolutions in place without completely centralizing.

👉Pooled Mining

👉Platform Bridge

👉Scalable Transactions

👉Major Big Data Potential

👉Reputation Management

👉Easy Execution Verification


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Mining rewards:36%


Public sale:15%

Reserve Fund:8%

Private sale:10%

Bounty and events:6%




SMART CONTRACT: 0xFEbc25f4c5fc3E90a7eFaE0b4d436A77c9e131B3

TOTAL SUPPLY: 9,900,000,000 CEZ


CEZO is a decentralized OS infrastructure to enable the full ecosystem required by complex computations of DApps.

CEZO allows resource-intensive calculations can be processed off-chain.

CEZO provides services that enable developers to create faster, more flexible, and more scalable dApps.

CEZO is a Linux based operating system developed for DApps


Q1 2019


Problem research and initial Whitepaper draft

Q2 2019


Start of the ICO Whitepaper 1.0, internal testing

Q3 2019


Closed source code is ready

Q4 2019


Code inspection, testing and final verification

Q1 2020


CEZO token minting

Q2 2020


Advertising, bounty and ICO

Q3 2020


Showcase DApp running on CEZO OS

Q4 2020



Q1 2021


PoS mainnet (mining support enabled)

Q2 2021


SDK, source code publishing


Blockchain Developer: Manuel silva

CEO: Anthony francis

Frontend Web Developer : David Cavalli

Full Stack Engineer : Peter Chen

Software Engineer : Albert Morawski

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To get more accurate information, please visit the link below:


Website: https://cezo.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cezo_io

Medium : https://medium.com/@cezo_io

Telegram: https://t.me/cezo_io

Github : https://github.com/cezo-os


Thanks for reading this article and using your precious time on here. For CEZO(CEZ) they are trying to build something great and unique. We saw dozens of projects without any single usability and we witness their extincion. And on the other hand "CEZO" team have a solid idea and they almost finalized their products and services. So in my opinion there isn’t any reason for crypto exchange-traded fund (CEZO) to be successful. and i Appreciate this Unique Idea for Their "CEZ Token"; To be A Better Perform in Near future For sure Good Wishes For them. 

In recent years the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain has attracted the attention of the public, which presents features and protocols that allow cryptocurrencies and blockchain to be applied in more complex cases. But often this development is caused by several problems such as processing speed, operating system limitations, and several other problems.


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Little confused.... What are the tokens used for? Do they have anything to do with the functions of mining? 

Also have no idea what all of those %s mean for mining their token.... Sorry I'm so green.... lol


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