CETO [Crystal Elephant Token]


Today, the platform is well known for its transaction speed and agile CEO. Specifically, the platform is capable of 2000 transactions per second. This performance makes TRX on par with major payment processors such as PayPal. Best of all, TRON has no transaction fees.

Tron, as one of the most soaring cryptos, it has a very good potential to grow in the market. Tron was ranked 56th a few months ago, but has now secured the 13th position according to CoinMarketCap. When Tron emerges from Ethereum, there is a good chance of reaching 0.4 USD in the next 5-8 months.

Trade TRX for tokens. The more TRX in the contract, the more valuable your token will be. Pay your taxes (10% per transaction) and watch dividends flow while you Hold On for Dear Life. The key here is PATIENCE: there is a withdrawal penalty without it. After 30 days, you are eligible to extract 100% of your deposit. But before that? Learn to live with more, less.

Create digital tokens that are decentralized, autonomous, and generate revenue that gets stronger as you last longer, as opposed to the boom-bust lifecycle of cloned hourglass-style contracts.

How it works:

The basic structure for the Crystal Elephant Token (CETO) contract will come from a well-inspected and audited mock open source P3D contract - also known as an hourglass contract - with modifications made to promote longevity. Tokenholder is encouraged to hold tokens for 30 days or suffer a sliding scale sliding penalty for early withdrawals. Penalties are added to transaction fees and distributed to other token holders.


Exchange Tron (TRX) for tokens that increase or decrease algorithmically with each sale. Ten percent of the funds from each transaction - deposited, withdrawn, or transferred - are taxed and distributed proportionally to all token holders as dividends. Penalties as high as 75% will be assessed for those who withdraw before 30 days.


Most hourglass contracts suffer from pump-and-dumps - early adopters / users sign in early and withdraw their funds later at the same time - jeopardizing their lifecycle. CETO offers strength through consistency.


Exchange TRX for CETO, which increases and decreases the value of TRX with each token purchase or sale.

It's a bit complicated and very math based - be patient. Each token purchased increases gradually more than the previous token. If our initial token price starts at 0.001 TRX, the increment goes up by 0.0001 TRX for each additional token.

A 5 CETO purchase would look something like this:

  • √ CETO1 = 0.001 / TRX

  • √ CETO2 = .00110 / TRX

  • √ CETO3 = .00120 / TRX

  • √ CETO4 = 0.00130 / TRX

  • √ CETO5 = 0.00140 / TRX

(less 10% transaction fee)

Total: 5 CETO = 0.054 TRX

The same principle applies to CETO sales, only -0.0001 TRX for each additional token sold.

Every transaction (buy, sell, transfer to other token holders) is subject to 10% tax, the proceeds of which are distributed to other CETO token holders as dividends. Your TRX exchange for CETO (principal) is incentivized to be wagered on the smart contract platform for 30 days, collecting dividends proportional to your percentage of the overall token supply from all other transactions over time.

Dividends are free to withdraw at any time. Just like the P3D contract, dividends are free to withdraw without a fee. However, if a tokenholder wants to compound their principal to receive a greater share of dividends, they may reinvest their dividends into the contract (less 10% transaction fee), thus setting another 30 day incentive to keep the dividend amount in-contract.

Is CETO a security? Not. Since CETO contracts are autonomous and decentralized, CETO should not be considered a guarantee. We don't control how the CETO contract works once it's launched (so read our open source contracts boys and girls). We have to buy CETO at the same price as everyone else at the same time as everyone else. CETO smart contracts do not offer or promise any rate of return - they are for entertainment purposes only. And don't ask us for financial advice - we are Elephants!


The basic structure for the CETO contract comes from the well-proven, hourglass-style Proof of Weak Hands open-source contract. P3D is a revolutionary economic model currently being played out on the Ethereum blockchain. P3D smart contracts handled over 581K ETH (~ $ 167 million USD average $ 287.95 USD / ETH) between February 16-December 29, 2019, with 58K ETH ($ 16.7 million) being paid out via smart contracts. Open source and peer reviewed for security, the P3D smart contract handles everything automatically, without trust, without human intervention or manipulation: code is law.


  • If necessary, create a Tronlink or other compatible web wallet

  • Get TRX. If you need to use a fiat-to-crypto exchange, we recommend Bittrex or the Atomic Wallet

  • Transfer TRX (or return your Tron wallet address) to your Tronlink wallet

  • Create an account

  • The CETO contract will be linked to your Tronlink wallet

  • Exchange TRX for CETO

  • Enjoy receiving dividends

  • Create and share your referral link to earn more dividends

  • Hold more than 100 CETO in your wallet and create your own custom referral link to share with others


  • Sell CETO for TRX

  • Withdrawing accumulated TRX (including dividends) to Tronlink / web wallets

  • Send TRX to external exchanges to trade with fiat currency


If you've come this far, help yourself. You're ready to enjoy one of the most innovative and proven models of decentralized application economy with built-in sustainability.

Remember: Elephants are smart. Redeeming before 30 days is stupid. Get your full value PLUS dividends - and stick with it as you go.

For more information about CETO's future project - Crystal Elephant Token, join our Social Media channels:


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