CeFi | Passive Lending Rates Compared

Crypto Lending Platforms are a popular and convenient way for people the receive some passive earnings on their crypto earnings. I have been enjoying them myself and I made an overview of what Rates the different platforms are offering...

There 4 platforms that are considered the biggest which I'm also using myself are (BlockFi | Celsius | Nexo | Crypto.com). These are all the coins they are offering based on the standard rates...

Using different platforms allows both to shop for the best rates while also spreading the risk around. Even though they are all well regulated and ensured, they remain centralized companies so you never really know. Each platform has their own way of going about things...

BlockFi: Very clean and straightforward, payments are done on a monthly basis and they have a 10$ bonus for those who sign up using a referral link. They only offer a handful of coins but have excellent lending rates.

Celsius: They offer a lot of altcoins and give competitive rates. They also have their own CEL token which can be selected to receive payouts at often increased rates. Payments are done on a weekly basis and compound. They offer a 20$ sign-up bonus to those that use a referral link. It is only available to log in with their mobile app.

Nexo: They recently increased their standard lending rates, those that have at least 10% of their balance in NEXO tokens get increased lending rates. They do offer referral links but no sign-up bonuses for as far as I can see.

Crypto.com: They recently decreased their lending rates making them the least competitive of the bunch and also are the only one that requires funds to be locked up for 3 months to get the best rates. They are an all-in-one platform that also offers an exchange and pre-paid visa card on which a 25$ sign-up offer is given to those that use a referral link (code: e7xe283zea).

That's it, I'm always looking for more ways to earn some passive income on my crypto holdings so feel free to let me know in the comments below if there is another platform that you are using. For a more detailed overview of crypto passive earnings, check Passive Crypto Earnings October 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

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preview not available Dotun Awosika
13 Nov

Good to have you here with us, awesome comparison between the various lending platform. Defi Yield farming is finally overtaking the centralized financial world. Imagine the bulk of ETH currently locked in millions of Dollars.


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