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Carpe Diem

There are so many skills for monsters in the Splinterlands that it is almost impossible to remember or study them all properly, at least for me, but now we are here to talk about one in particular, the opportunity, it's the one that exploits the weaknesses of the opponents to take advantage for the benefit of his group, by attacking those who have less energy than others during fights. A skill that I've never sincerely considered a lot, also because I prefer others and I also have only few cards with this ability, one for each splinter, so I find it difficult to use them often. 

A couple of cards that I have are not bad at all, the Screeching Volture and Cave Slug (I have a gold one 😎) are among those who have this skill and sometimes I use them with great pleasure! To take full advantage of this skill I prefer to place them on deck's middle, a bit 'distant but not too much, putting them in the front row would be suicide. 

In the video you'll see how my strategy worked and I was able to win it against a tough opponent, I think that in the future this tactic can give more satisfaction, even if the competition is more and more fierce. The team I used in the battle is made up of all the photos of the monsters you see in this article. 

A team that I think is phenomenal, but of course you always have to have a bit of luck and face a weak opponent, an equal or maybe less smart than you. Carpe Diem my friends, and in the Splinterlands more than ever!

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