Carlene Spiteri - Life of a Superwoman

Who would ever think that #Satoshi’s Bitcoin would become a revolution in the 21st century, a century which is going down in history as the most challenging and difficult, but easy to penetrate with a beautiful product.

Dreams do come true. Some take a lot of preparation and others kick off right at the start, to become a success. We have read a series of stories shared about many gallant men and women who began their journey only to fall off along the way because they were disappointed.

Expectations of every inventor are to see their products reaching the masses at the stroke of release, these expectations somehow if not met leave the inventor embittered, most are prone to abandon the ship and jump right into the ocean never to resurface. The few pick up the pieces and get right out there and make it work.

The following words are going to grant you an insight into the life of a Superwoman. One whose dream was to create a remittance service for all citizens of the world. One which the “Banking Cabal” would never have authority over.

Let’s have a look into the life of Ms Carlene Spiteri.

Carlene Spiteri who is better known as the “Crypto Diva” has a long history as an entrepreneur. Starting in the mid-1980s with a successful clothing and screen printing business which evolved into the graphic design on computers, then into web design in the late 1990s. Carlene took a serious interest in online computer technology mainly digital currency in 1998, becoming a public speaker and educator about online payment systems and the remittance industry, the need for digital currency and the future of money.

Carlene, with her many years within this industry, is classed as an International Payment System / Digital Currency Specialist. She has been marketing and working in a variety of capacities within the Payment System / Digital Currency industry for the past 20 years, making this her lifelong passion. She is so passionate about this subject that when you are in her presence, listening to her talk on this subject, you can see and feel the passion and energy she has to see this industry become a part of everyday life for all people around the world. 

Carlene was first introduced into the Digital Currency industry in 1998, through the company she was working for at that time, as a Financial Consultant. She totally embraced technology and saw how it could change people’s lives and was going to become the future of money. 

In 2000 she took the plunge into this new industry with 100% commitment by becoming the 1st Master Agent and Licensee for Technocash Pty Ltd, Australia, one of the world’s 1st digital currency platforms. Technocash was the 1st fully regulated payment system to open up a global market with remittance agencies outside the banking industry. She opened up markets into Australia, The Philippines, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and South America.

In 2005 she then took on the Licence for a second Digital Currency platform from the USA called Virtual Money and held the license for the United Arab Emirates and was travelling internationally speaking as an expert on the subject of Digital Currency and the ongoing issues of the existing remittance industry into unbanked communities. This complex subject and a lifelong passion were to educate people and share her vision of the future of money and digital currency to the unbanked and low-income communities.

In early 2008 she relocated from Australia to Dubai to establish a local company with her local business partners. 

Laws in the UAE were changing, forcing companies to pay salaries digitally into employee bank accounts. 

The banks did not want low-income earners having bank accounts. These were the people the world classes as “the unbanked”

Virtual Money was the perfect solution for the current problem that was caused by these changes within the law. 

Carlene and her business partner met with Dr Al Kaabi and started working on providing the solution of the Virtual Money ATM cards to the 1000’s of companies in the UAE who required a salary system for their employees.

The company also started expanding into other regions quite rapidly. She was travelling between Dubai, Malaysia, USA, and Mexico on a regular basis, setting up the Global Network of Virtual Money Agents and distribution of ATM cards.

 With her great and vast love for change, she was moved by the fact that she can help improve the way the remittance industry worked and the way people who were in the unbanked world were kept in poverty by the banking industry.

“I knew that Digital Currency was the future of money and it didn’t need to be controlled by the banking cabal. Digital currency could change the world and bring the unbanked world out of poverty. I wanted to have a profound impact on the lives of people who lived in poverty-stricken countries” Carlene Spiteri

Virtual Money was a system that worked in over 210 countries. It had provided customers with a safe and secure PIN-based transaction. There was a need for a bank account or credit card, there was no risk of overdraft, No risk of cash loss and a 24/7 stable network, and without an age requirement. 

Our company, Ice Holdings LLC, owned the Master Licence to market the Stored Value ATM Debit Card called Virtual Money through the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and had started to move into Central and Latin America. We marketed this product to countries where people receive remittances from other countries and intend to market to all countries globally. The system could also be used for companies to pay PAYROLL and to send online payments to remote areas.

The Virtual Money ATM card was very unique as it gave the money back to the community when it was used. Also for people receiving funds, they received much more money than they would through other financial institutions as Virtual Money did not charge high fees or take currency conversion commissions. The system also allowed people to move money anywhere in the world instantly.

EG: I could be in Australia and you in Africa. I send you money from my account to yours via the internet or over the phone. You could be waiting at an ATM. The moment I sent the funds to you, you could withdraw from the ATM where you were within seconds of me sending you the money. This was done for a flat fee of only $2.00 USD, for any amount to anywhere in the world.


 EG: Western Unions Send $1000 and the receiver will get around $850.

 Wire Transfer Send $1000 and the receiver will get around $850 plus a delay of approximately 3 days.

 With Virtual Money you sent $1002 and the receiver will get $1000 instantly. The $2.00 fee was paid by the sender.

She went on to say; The system also offered opportunities for charitable organizations to use the ATM debit cards to raise funding for the charity. This worked by the charity encouraging its supporters to use the ATM debit cards for all types of financial transactions. Virtual Money, just like a bank charges a fee for the transaction. The difference between Virtual Money and the bank was that Virtual Money paid a large percentage of the transaction fee to charity.

The product had numerous applications and could be marketed to all different industries that needed an economical and efficient way of sending and receiving money.

This was the Virtual Money Incorporated Electronic Payroll Card System.

With a VMI Card, one can do the following;

• Paychecks can be directly deposited to the card

• Everyone qualified — no bank account required

• Fast exchange of money using phone or internet anywhere in the World.

The project was insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C).

The Digital Currency Industry had already started to become regulated, governments were taking notice.

A working document released in 2002 saw the announcement of Secured Electronic Agent Services (SEAS).

SEAS had realized risks associated with the then financial world and had created a perfect solution for it. The document stated the following;

What were the risks?

  1. · Credit Card fraud was thriving online with the main loser being merchants, despite their precautions and use of secure e-commerce systems.

  2. · Loss of revenue through the misuse of Intellectual property and what was once called Industrial Espionage effect many corporations.

  3. · Identity theft was emerging as the most personally damaging electronic crime.

  4. · Be aware that many websites, including your bank, collect information regarding your spending and Internet habits. They build profiles on customer preferences to better target you for their services. While this may make your experiences on the net easier, you do not have control over the use of this information.

What could be done?

  1. · The best way to minimize your risk is to “know your customer”, a policy implemented by many banks, financial institutions and brokerages around the world.

  2. · Education about the risks and procedures and routines to prevent the misuse of your personal information.

  3. · Use an intermediary in all of your sensitive dealings.

What is an Intermediary?

A trusted third party, who for a small fee will ensure your private details are kept private.

You are protected from unscrupulous parties as they will have only as much access to your information as you allow.

Your intermediary would handle sales, purchases, pay bills, and conduct banking and brokerage transactions on your instructions either directly online or via other secure means.

Your assets, funds and confidential information are guaranteed contractually with you through a trust agreement.

The Secure Electronic Agent Services System had been developed to service the needs of a specific market segment by providing just such an intermediary service.

We were 100% compliant on all levels. All of our agents and employees were all trained in the USA in the Virtual Money Head Office in Dallas Texas, over a 4 day period on all aspects of Financial Licencing and Compliance Regulations before being able to actively market the Virtual Money system to the general public and corporations.

Compliance was imperative and anyone seen to be breaching compliance regulations in any form would lose their Agency Licence under our Master Agency, instantly without warning. We did everything above the law.

Carlene went on to become an active partner and member of the Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA), located in Oakland California, USA. 

The major activity of TIGRA at that time was to pressure Western Union to espouse a written policy for community reinvestment that would prioritize building social capital and also to pressure the remittance company to invest in Migrant welfare in America and other countries where their remittance agencies were located.

Carlene was actively working with TIGRA to bring these issues to the public and to introduce a change within the industry. She was achieving great success and managed to form a partnership between her company in Dubai, and the Mexico City Government.

The agreement was to introduce a Mexico City, personal Identification Card for all citizens of Mexico City. The Identification card was also a Virtual Money ATM card, which allowed Mexicans in the USA, to deposit funds into the Virtual Money System and then send directly to family members back in Mexico, eliminating the need to use the existing remittance companies.

She also attended Press Releases in the USA for Virtual Money, with TIGRA.


Unfortunately, her successful achievements did not go unnoticed and started to be seen as a major threat by the larger Remittance companies like Western Union, Money Gram, and the banking industry. Virtual Money was now under the watchful eyes of the banking cabal, along with many other online payment systems like E-gold, Digicash, etc. All these payment systems were centralized platforms and most of them had their head offices in the USA, with their servers housed within their head offices.

In late 2008 in one foul swoop the banking cabal, with the assistance of USA government agencies, managed to have all the online payment systems, shut down, all under the guise of the Anti Patriot act, with accusations of Money Laundering and supporting terrorism. Leaving all the people involved in this industry with nothing.  Most people left losing everything they owned, while the banks managed to keep the treasury holdings of all these companies. Amounts of money together adding up to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Carlene being one of the later lucky ones believes that this event is what inspired a group of people to create a decentralized version of what already existed, which became Bitcoin and the Blockchain. 

She says that even for herself, after what had happened, she went back to Australia, thinking the same thing, "There has to be a solution, the banking cabal cannot get away with this, how do you create a online payment system that governments can't shut down ?" these were all thoughts that went through her own mind at that time.

Before the birth of Bitcoin and the announcement of the blockchain, Carlene was already fast and deeply rooted in her plans to churn out a perfect remittance service without blemish and the manipulation by the banking cabal.

She was not going to stay down for very long. In early 2009. she began the process of creating a robust financial remittance system which would be used in about 210 countries across the globe, the project she had in mind for the global market but was meant to begin in the UAE and was purposely sought to serve as the pilot for the project and thence to the world at large.

She commenced working with a long time friend and business partner, on the creation of a new online payment system, which they called Conexus Global. She worked with her business partner for 12 months, building the payment system specifications, and the marketing strategy for the global rollout of the ATM network. They believed they had worked out a way to make a payment system that would be decentralized by having a global network of mirrored servers.

The next challenge was to raise the required funding to build this new technology. They wanted to raise funding via Venture Capital and an Initial Private Offering to go onto the Australian Stock exchange. After working on the project for almost 1 year, they started to hit dead ends as fundraising became impossible because of all the legal fees and legal loops they had to jump through before they could even commence a fundraising event within the existing financial industry. So the project came to a standstill. 

At this same time in 2009, Bitcoin came onto the scene. She was informed of the technology and decided to keep the project concept of Conexus Global to herself and just wait to see where the industry was headed. She only shared the concept with family and very close friends. She just got on with her life and as all entrepreneurs do, she started a small clothing company with her daughter, just to keep afloat until the time was right.

Bitcoin grew within the digital currency and internet industry, a new name was conceived for this new technology industry.

Digital Currency was now being called CryptoCurrency. Carlene began working on her 1st Bitcoin project in 2012 building a website for a business client, which only accepted Bitcoin as payment. This was her 1st step into working with the new Cryptocurrency Technology. It did not take long before she was totally converted and could see that all the problems that she and others faced back in 2008 were now solved. The digital currency industry was alive again. She had her lifelong vision back and could finally finish what she started.

In 2013, she was introduced to a fast-growing Cryptocurrency community called Global Coin Reserve, GCR Coin. She identified the GCR Coin and its community of supporters as being the perfect community to work with on her new project. GCR coin and its community were exactly what she was looking for, so she could bring her Conexus Global concept back to life, and up to date with this new technology. 

In July 2015 she presented her concept to the founders of GCR Coin and then to the GCR Coin Community in August 2015. Her concept was accepted by the community, so she commenced working on the project.

In August 2015 she presented her concept to the founders of GCR Coin and then to the GCR Coin Community. Her concept was accepted by the community, so she commenced working on the project.

In October 2015, Carlene commenced the creation of the online Platform Specifications for the development of the world’s 1st Cryptocurrency E-commerce platform and Crypto EcoSystem, which would have its fuel token to run the ecosystem. The currency would be anchored to the value of one gram of Gold through hard coding within the platform. The project was named CoinXion, a spin-off from Conexus Global.

The concept was always to utilize the GCR Coin within the Eco System.

Carlene’s vision was to create a stable environment that will allow Cryptocurrency to go mainstream. 

Because the concept was always to utilize the GCR Coin within the Eco System, her commitment to the GCR Coin Community is something she still sands strongly by today, even though GCR Coin has had a very rocky history, with its many ups and downs and disappointments, she still believes she can create a solid future for the GCR coin and its community.

So she began with great activism, sensitization seminars, long room meetings, and a quest to take action. She held several positions in her bid to formulate and implement her dream. Building the project from scratch sometimes comes with great sacrifices and not forgetting that setbacks are bound to come to pass. 

In September 2019 a decision was made to rebrand the project to Primereum. 

“The name Primereum has a number of meanings to her which she believes is already having a positive impact on the community before the platform has even gone LIVE. People instantly like it and feel a sense of confidence about the platform. They have a knowing that my intentions have always been to create something that will greatly change lives”.

When asked how she came up with the name, she says: 

“I worked with a long-time friend who speaks multiple languages that are Latin based. He was also a musician so he understood the effects of certain sounds. Together we worked on a number of different names and sounds till together, we came up with Primereum. Prime meaning number 1, Primer meaning the 1st, eum being a Latin sound that comes from ancient languages which normally creates soothing positive energy, similar to the sound of Ohm”

We are now 5 years into this journey and the Primereum platform which has been built by Carlene and her team and been 100% privately funded is at completion for Stage 1.

On February 14th Primereum will open to the public. The platform has its own token which fuels the Eco System. The tokens are called Primereum Fuel (PMF). 

It also has a currency credit system called Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits. Both the PMF and the Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits are anchored to the value of 1 gram of gold. 

The platform will accept 30 different Crypto Currencies within its Fuel Store, which can be used to purchase the PMF token. 

Primereum Members have 2 methods of acquiring the PMF tokens

Members can use their GCR tokens to purchase Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits. 

The Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits are being used to start off the Eco System. They are what are used to put the PMF tokens into circulation amongst the global population.

The PMF (Eco) Credits will only be available for purchase for a period of 12 months. 14th Feb 2020 to 14th Feb 2021. 

After this period has expired the purchase of Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits will be switched off within the Primereum Fuel Store.

Owners of GCR Coin can deposit their GCR Coins into their GCR wallets on the Primereum platform. They will be automatically credited with a new GCR Token. The GCR token is an ERC20 Ethereum token. This opportunity is only for a one month period.

GCR tokens can be used to purchase Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits at a ratio of 1 GCR token equals 1 Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits. This opportunity is for a 12 month period.

The Primereum PMF (Eco) Credits can be sold in the Fuel Store in exchange for our accepted Cryptocurrencies. The Primereum (PMF) Eco Credits hold a stable value of 1 gram of gold against the nominated Cryptocurrencies' daily market value.

Owners of GCR Coin can also deposit their GCR Coins into their GCR wallets on the Cryptrox Exchange. They will be automatically credited with a new GCR Token. The opportunity to exchange GCR Coin to GCR Token is also only available for a one month period on Cryptrox.

GCR tokens are presently being traded on Cryptrox Exchange at today’s rate of $0.40 USD (Approximately 4,140 Satoshi’s).

The CEO of Cryptrox says; I encourage everyone to purchase as many GCR coins as they can afford and bring them to Cryptrox. We will swap the GCR Coins for GCR tokens from the 10th of February till the 11th of March 2020. We have a partnership agreement with the GCR Coin Foundation, who will provide us with the GCR tokens for the swap. The GCR Coin Foundation is presently negotiating with exchanges and projects to have the GCR token accepted on their platforms. The foundation is very excited about the future involvement that the GCR token has on Cryptrox and on the Primereum platform.

 Michelle Lucey

Carlene believes that 12 months is long enough time to get the Eco System running with plenty of PMF tokens in circulation.

She says “Members of Primereum can also purchase PMF tokens directly through the Fuel Store at the daily market rate.

I have plans for an aggressive marketing campaign and already have a large network of supporters within the Cryptocurrency community. I also have a network of associates and business partners who have supported me in my vision over the past 20 years, who are ready to help me to get Primereum to the world.

I am planning a global rollout of Primereum products as a well-planned strategy which I have previous experience in executing.”


Token Value

1 PMF - 1 GR Gold

1 PMF (Eco) - 1 GR Gold

1 GCR Token - 1 PMF (Eco)

Primereum Fuel


During our conversation with Carlene about the future of GCR and her teams latest achievements she said:

“People have a few different ways to get hold of the new GCR tokens. 

Firstly they should be purchasing as much GCR Coins as they can afford from Yobit Exchange, then move them to Cryptrox Exchange to swap for the new GCR token while the swap for GCR token period is on. It will only be for a 1 month period. 

Then they can either trade them on Cryptrox or move them to Primereum anytime over the next 12 months.

They can also transfer them to the new GCR Token Mobile Wallet, which will be available on Android and IOS within the Primereum Mobile Wallets.

They can also just do a straight deposit of their GCR Coins into Cryptrox or Primereum and be credited with GCR tokens.

When a member deposits GCR Coins into Primereum they will automatically be credited with GCR tokens.

The tokens will be deposited into their Primereum GCR online wallets within the Primereum platform.

From their wallets, they can decide what they want to do with their GCR tokens. 

Purchase PMF (Eco) Credits as a straight 1 GCR token for 1 PMF (Eco) Credit

Purchase PMF tokens in the Fuel Store at the daily market GCR Token rate.

Withdraw to the GCR token Mobile Wallet

Withdraw to any ETHEREUM Wallet like “Coinomi”

Transfer to Cryptrox trading exchange to trade or to any other trading exchanges that accept GCR Tokens in the near future.

Primereum will be working closely with the original GCR Coin Foundation to promote the new GCR token. 

The foundation is already working on getting the GCR token onto other reputable trading exchanges. 

This is a very exciting time for the GCR community, it’s been a very long journey but we are finally here.

One of the most exciting things about this progress is that now the GCR community can finally see the wait was worth it. That there is now a big future for GCR token and its supporters.

Carlene Spiteri 
Creator – CEO Primereum


With this information we have shared about this courageous super-woman, we hope you are pleased with what she has created and is about to release to the world. It is about creating an economy for all people, especially the less privileged. Her life’s work shows it all. And it is about time to bring it to the world. 

Remember to check out Primereum on the 14th of February 2020. Remember Primereum means “The first and the best”.

Any time you find yourself on social media do not forget to follow her on the handles below: 

Facebook - Carlene Spiteri

Twitter - Carlene Spiteri

Linkedin - Carlene Spiteri



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Great Work CEO and your Team


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Your a super woman this is great. Story and allot experience u got keep Ur dream alive we are

So.close for the big achievement 

Thanks for sharing


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Wow nice experience, primereum is bringing new revolution


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wow this is great experience 


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