Cancer is a very serious health issue in the world. And just as there are numerous forms of cancer, so also are there so many factors that studies have so far identified to be the causes of this debilitating health condition.

Prevention though being the better option than cure, in the case of an onset of the cancer, there is so much hope even by what nature has freely provided in order to deal with cancer and other chronic diseases which experts have attributed to life style, and especially diet related.

Consume more of Plant Foods: 

Avail yourself abundantly of the good load of antioxidants and other phytonutrients that are needed for the effective combating of free radicals and other disease causing agents in and around your body. 

Eat less of Meat:

When God created man he did not set out immediately to start consuming flesh of animals. Nature has always been the safest way to go. Scientific proofs however, have it that too much of meat consumption can be cancerous; therefore it is only wise that you curtail your meat consumption, especially red meat such as beef. 

Consume less of Processed Foods:

On the issue of processed foods, it has become highly evident that processed foods are otherwise denatured; most of the food’s healing constituents as well as the other critical valuable properties are lost from foods in the process of refining them.

Embark on Exercise:

Exercise is very necessary for you to stay cancer free because research has also discovered that exercise keeps you fit and trim; it lowers your oestrogen levels, decreases inflammation while boosting your immunity.   Exercise enables you to eliminate the bad cholesterol and puts at bay so many diseases and infections including the occurrence of obesity. Exercise also helps you to maintain equilibrium and help you to get adequate sleep.

Avoid Sedentary Life style:

It has been well established also that sitting in one place for a very long time is not healthy for you; your muscles become tense and stiff. You could also put on unnecessary weight while your digestive process is not at its optimum.

Stay Away From Radioactive Equipment:

And you must try as much as possible to avoid closeness or over exposure to any form of equipment that are likely to give off radioactive emissions. Research shows that radiation has been linked to a number of cancer afflictions.

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Hamza Hussain
27 Nov

Cancerous cells can be killed with strong immunity and immunity only develops with balanced diet and exercise  


Humaira Khattak
27 Nov

Wow that's great information about 

Cancer but you know that now  a days 

Treatment of cancer is possible 


Morgan Nwanguma
30 Nov

Yes, cancer can actually be treated these days but with early diagnosis. However, the meat of the write-up is that prevention is always better than cure, coupled with the fact that nature abounds with healhy remedies as well as preventive measures we can use.


Tasleem Mohsin
27 Nov

These are really great preventive measures and it can help us alot. By adopting these we all can prevent cancer.


Nouman Yousaf
27 Nov

You explain well cancer preventation.Less use of meat,Daily and regular exercise and physical activities and healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables reduce the chances of cancer







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