In my previous post, I already stated, gratefulness is a lifestyle. There are a lot of ways of paying gratitude and thankfulness. 

PRAYERS subsist at first and top. The more you pray, the more you will be honored. 

I was thinking either one can win by prayers only? Is luck just a word? Or it exists in reality?

No matter how hard-working you are, if you don't pray and aren't lucky you won't get the desired destiny. 

Hard work pays but, LUCK is something that will pick you up earlier. 

Do you pray or just believe in your abilities only? 

Can you win by luck only if you aren't addicted to work? 

For me, the three basic ingredients of success are hard work, prayer, and belief in your creator (luck). If the recipe is followed by these three ingredients, you will be followed by success. 

Keep praying and keep winning. 

There is no room for laziness and skepticism. 

Have a good day Fam. 

©Mahnoor Remained yours.  

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hassan raza
27 Nov

I think Luck is only one part of winning sweepstakes. The rest is being a smarter sweeper by maximizing your odds of winning. we beleive in our own abilities and then pray to God.


Mahnoor Danish
27 Nov

If you don't work and only wait for luck to let you to the winning spot is it possible? 


hassan raza
27 Nov

I think we have to Make our Own Luck. The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work. Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don't depend on it.


victor vickyrich
27 Nov

You are very correct. Prayer is always accompanied by any hardwork and if you don't work,luck can't shine on you.

As long as you work hard,pray and keep believing that God will make a way,then luck will surely shine forth. Also preparing well will help as well. Work diligently without resistance...


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
27 Nov

I am agree with you. I am also following these three ingredients to be successful. Hardwork, Prayers, and the last one belief are the parts of success.


Agaga Julius
27 Nov

When you pray, God can make things happen for you and that is not called luck. We just need to believe in God.

We just need to work hard and back it up with prayers.


Fatimah Yetunde
27 Nov

Well you are right if you are hardworking and you are not praying it just as if one is working for nothing so prayer is the key I believe there is luck but if one didn't work hard with it the luck won't be for long


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