Can You Suggest Please?An effective way to build up the youth!!!!

Youth is the most important part of the community as they are future. It's observed that successful nations always value their youth as they see the opportunities and visions In the form of persons. 

There is a proverb,

"Who, so neglects to learn in his youth loses the past and is dead to the future". 

So it's mandatory for communities t into the matters and objectives of youth.    As if the youth is missed future is dark and dusted.  

There are a lot of ways to build them up and one of the most important things to do is to let them WORK on THEIR dreams. 

Being a Pakistani it's a common observation here. Parents choose for their children and society implements it on parents. 

If there is a baby girl they would suggest her pass doctors and then a teacher. About 10% of youth get the desired studies and jobs. 

And when there is a baby boy, he is supposed to be a pharmacist and engineer. 

It's not 100% but it's a common observation in most communities here. 

The only way we can get the best out of the best is to let others live the way they want. 

The more unnecessary implementations the more they will be confused and won't achieve the desired heights. 

Another way is motivation.

Success is never been easy but is possible with motivation and enthusiasm.

The community can ignite the dreams, support the concepts and ideas from youth. Boost their morals and help them achieve their desires. 

Manners may different from community to community but there is a constant "importance of youth". 

Help them shine brightly for the community. 

Now the question is, how would you encourage the youth of your community? 


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Mr.Oxman Oxi
08 Apr

If want our youth is strong and make a record in every Field of life then we should try to give proper environment and freedom 

In our society there are few people criticize our generation and they don't know how can we make strong or build the new generation 

Being a good parents we should appreciate our children in every positive matter


Suman Naz
09 Apr

Young people are our future, we should do more and more opportunity to learn them.We should encourage our youth as much as possible.If we give good education to the youth, Because of which he will be able to play his role in society.


Abdur Razzaq
09 Apr

What type of role youth can play it should leave on them and I am sure our youth having more exploring and charity given minds than any other countries


KimJoe Abara
08 Apr

Well... The youth .. I can encourage.. by organizing youth empowerment programs... Free education, sex education, job opportunities.. and free communication...

The youths need to be guided a lot 


Abdur Razzaq
09 Apr

Rightly saying it's good luck in case of Pakistan which has 60 percent youth of the total population. But they need counseling how they can flurish themselves and their country.  Traditions and poor norms of the community should be changed now towards youth . They should be given proper space to choose their good hold field instead of forcing them to choose their destination


Tayyab Ali
08 Apr

Success depends upon the second letter that is U. Either you are a doctor or an engineer or pilot or you are nothing. You have one thing that is time . So make sure that you are investing your time in a better way....







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