Can we love again

​The way am loved by God almighty is beyond what I can explain, No one can love like that, and the same kind of love he has shown to his creation.

The vulnerabilities of Man wouldn't allow him love in that manner unless man let God love through him, our love remain based on gain, it stocking to hear the reasons why people show and love nowadays, some love to get power, some love to get money, some love to gain the influence of men, they always have some thing attached  to their love.

Can we love without gain, that whether you have money or not I will love  i love you , i value and cherish you anyway, whether you can give me power or influence or not I still love all the same.

​If only we can love unconditionally then nature will smile on us again.

​There is no fear in love for perfect love cast out fear, love Covereth many sins, No hate in love, no anger in love, there will be no disease flying right, left and centre if we return to our first love, God almighty is the keys to all challenges destroying humanity today, can we return let him have his way then the world will be a better place again.




23 Jan

Very beautiful things you share with us dear about love....!

love is the thing which is superior from any thing and there is no replacement of love...

The people who do such type of things never find a true love....!



Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Jan

Thank you sir ,love is above all things


Ifiok Eso
23 Jan

There is no love on earth that can be compared to the love of the Almighty God. His love is kind, amazing and unconditional.. If only humans can begin to love like God, without been expectant, then the world would have been a more better place to live in.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Jan

You concur ,loving unconditionally is the way forward sir


emmanuel peter
24 Jan

Love is divine...

God help us to Love like He does Love us.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Jan

yes sir we can only love through him ,we lack the capacity to love if we minus him.welcome to uptrennd sir


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
24 Jan

God's love cannot be compared to that of man very distinct. 

If we could love one another, the world will be a better place for us. 


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Jan

very correct ma,No  kind of love can be measured to equal God kind ,his is superior to all







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