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Can Uptrennd Help in Crypto Adoption in Africa....Answer is yes

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Osato Jegede 1 month ago

Uptrennd is a social media platforms whose goal is to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally through the distribution of wealth and economic employment. That's to say Africa is at the heart of Uptrennd, however your contribution, sacrifice and hard work is highly required to achieve a landmark. 

Luke Brenland 1 month ago

I agree with this and i think we have been a big hit so far and have an awesome african community here too! :D

єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 1 month ago

uptrennd is known as the home of crypto that gives equality of opportunity, it takes me and you to make people around that world hear about this project. Every step you take on this platform is a pointer to the progress of the project. Increase your engagement, bring in your friends and make sure you adhere to the policies that bind the platform. Uptrennd is here to empower people!

Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

Indeed uptrennd is really important for whole world especially for those people who are jobless and as you have mentioned that in Africa a lot of people are jobless so uptrennd is really important.

Busola Akinlolu 1 month ago

Uptrennd is indeed a great platform to move the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, i new nothing too when i joined, I am most grateful i know crypto today.







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