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Can I write OC crypto related content when my English is Upper Basic Level?

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Elena Demou 5 months ago

Jesus Jan this post is awesome! I hope a lot of people that may not feel as comfortable with English follow this and use it to their advantage. I want to see all your posts also! We are global so we want your voice heard too!

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Exactly Elena, lot of people from Latin America, Asia and other countries are joining and I am happy some of them are already writing their OCs. And let me tell you that most of them are doing great.

Betty Ozemoje 5 months ago

 Jan nailed it!!!    I will definitely take advantage of it!!

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

The best thing when we learn is to apply on cryptoblogging.

Harris Ch 5 months ago

Great post Jan! 

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Thanks Harry.  I really appreciate it. BTW where are you from Harry?

Lucas S 5 months ago

Wow, what a great educational post for those who may feel uncomfortable with writing in a language not native to them. This is an excellent guide explaining past, present, and future tenses.

In short, great post Jan!

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Thanks Lucas,

Many people think that it has to take over 1 year to write in English. Even the people who just started to study English, they can do it after 2-4 months, depending on their learning abilities.Those are like the basic grammar structure to domain. 

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Thanks a lot Jeff. Glad you liked it.

Betty Ozemoje 5 months ago

Wow! You are so good a teacher. I love the breakdown.so impactful, well detailed. I have learnt. My confidence for writing an OC has increase. thank you Jan

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Thanks a lot Betty. These tips I ‘ve found them useful for my ESL students, a lot of Uptrenndians can use them.







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