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28 Feb
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Can I Get Your Attention?

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Dtwo Oladimeji 4 months ago

Comments like such are very irritating and most people just do it fo farm reward to themselves. I'm glad the team is taking serious actions against it now. A lot of people need to be sensitized and we should always try and downvote comments like such. 

Tabish Aslam 4 months ago

Now i think there should be filter also . VAs should decide which post is according to quality standards. It should be public or abondoned

Unwana Sunday Akpan 4 months ago

Great point cited here. I have also noticed that, and it makes such appear so intellectually lazy.

It further proves that such person does not take the time to read that post, and it shows that such person does that for the sake of the upvoted point and not for the passion and understanding from the content posted.

Such makes the true essence of such content lost, and it devalue the effort being put to develop the content.

Thanks so much for calling Uptrenndians attention to such generic comment.

Thanks for sharing.


Aceh Darussalam 4 months ago

I agree with you there are even some users who only comment a little words but even worse they do not give upvote to the people he commented on and I found events like that, they commented that we want to give upvote to their comments and I feel fed up with they

Mustapha Mohammed Jeremiah 4 months ago

This is a welcome idea Osato. We have been spreading this words. I also spoke to Alberto some days ago about this when he posted something similar to this Topic. What I simply do on my comment section is downvoting such comments. The spamming is much. We need to start downvoting such comments. 

Saqib Ajmal 4 months ago

You should be right that words that have a purpose should have any meaning..If you do not know English, you can use a translator







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