Can Communities Be Influenced?

Community is the togetherness of people. We are human. we live together and grow together. Being confident and inspired by others makes a chain of occurrences that helps to keep passions alive in the community. 

Communities always grow when it is a significant number of confident and inspired people. 

As I said earlier this is a chain and people are interlinked, so when one feels motivated other gets inspiration too. 

When one community is well organized and inspired others to absorb this influence. 

As we are linked, so when one feels confident another will get the insight. When one is feeling up they will pull others, when one continues spreading struggle and effort others seek motivation.

So whenever the communities grow they influence other communities too. 

What do you think? 

Is there any way to influence other communities? Or more precisely, do you think a more congested community with inspirations and confident people influence other communities? 

Let me know your opinion about this. 


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Amjad Ali Waince
06 Apr

Yes well orginezed , well educated , well desciplend communities has influence to others. They got inspiration and motivation from them . It is natural phenomena that human gets influence from that things which he lacks.


Mahnoor Danish
07 Apr

Aw, you mean to see we adopt what we don't have as a Human Right? We need to be motivated enough to Influence others.


Fatimah Yetunde
07 Apr

Well you've said it all the only way to influence other communities is when they see people from other community how confident and inspire they are this will help them to work more on their own community to be more better than that of the community with confident, this is just amicably to human being if you see a person that is successful among you this will give you vibes on how to work hard on yourself too


Mahnoor Danish
07 Apr

Something like motivation!!!!! 

You added so well, we can help communities both ways, if they need motivation we can provide the same and if we are lack at this we should try adopting some from outer and inner sources.


Abdur Razzaq
07 Apr

Yes obviously people with volatile and sulphidic minds living in any society can become the role model for the other community.

In my town boys of one street are decorating their street and walls with plants name plates at doors and paint work. And people of other streets are planning now to do same things in their own areas.


Mahnoor Danish
07 Apr


The prompt influence. See this is how we can impact people by spending and spreading positivity and motivations.


Ishmael Kelechi
06 Apr

For real, communities influences community. Influences can come from individual to a community and vise verse. 

That's the purpose of living in the first place. Hence, we should not allow the wrong influences.

In some developing nations, where poverty is taking a toll on people, their political rights may be influenced a great deal..


Mahnoor Danish
07 Apr

Alright, I would love to see the ideas that can help us avoid negative influences. 

I see communities in developing countries are suffering more. Maybe because of the less motivated and energized youth? Or politics I don't know 


KimJoe Abara
06 Apr

Yeah I totally think that community with inspirations and confident people influence other communities .. but if the other communities do not have hands,,.. there are no influential people.. it will still be hard Tobe developed even after being influenced... That is why it is the work of the governments to take a look at every part of the country.. not packing all it's infrastructures to one community and avoiding the other


Mahnoor Danish
07 Apr

That's something very unique I read from other commentators. Yes, we can influence and get impacted when we are willing for the same process. 







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