Can BAT reach $ 1?

Personal ranting aside, let's move on to today's article: Can BAT reach $ 1?

This is a very realistic goal. BAT is currently trading at around $ 0.30, so $ 1 is about 3x from here.

I believe it is possible that we could see BAT for $ 1 before the end of 2020, or the worst before mid-2021. Here is the reason:

Little competition: Literally nobody has found a working product to compete against BAT. It looks weird but it's true. There is no direct competition with BAT and it probably won't because of how much time BAT takes to front-run the rest of the game.

Great partnerships: BAT has some great partnerships with both real and crypto world companies. We all know how important partnerships are for a coin to grow and BAT is no exception.

Real world companies already use it: While browsing my Brave browser, I came across ads from Apple and Amazon. A friend of hers in Germany also said she came across an ad from Amazon. This basically confirms that big companies are partnering with Brave because they see the utility.

Medium market value: In my opinion, the market value of BAT is far from where it should be right now. It is still a medium coin and 3x should immediately make it the top 15 coins by market value.

Cheap price: BAT is really low priced. If things like YFI can be worth $ 30000 and it's simply steam software, what do you think a real utility like BAT is worth?

These are my points! Thank you for reading.



Nnoli Emmanuel
01 Sep

I think it will 


Technically Product
01 Sep

I totally agree with you! I think utility is key - but awareness/exposure is also important as you mention. PS I've just started following you on Uptrennd so don't let me down :)


Wilfred F
08 Sep

I hope so.. It seems to be a good token.. 


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