Buy Bitcoin Now or Wait?! Ethereum VS Bitcoin | BTC Price Prediction

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We cover a range of factors which are suggesting that bitcoin will start a new uptrend. We look at gold, inflation, trading volume, the crypto greed & fear index and recent bitcoin news to determine where bitcoin price will go next. We also look at Ethereum news and do an ETH/BTC price analysis as well as taking a look at the whole altcoin market and bitcoin dominance. We finish off with a BTC TA looking at support zones for the bitcoin price.  

⏰ Timestamps 
1:20 Lack of volume 
2:35 Latest bitcoin news 
3:51 Bitcoin price resistance zone 
4:30 Bitcoin cup and handle 
05:36 Bitcoin and Gold 
6:48 USD index - inverse correlation 
8:15 Global Inflation 
8:50 Fear & Greed index 
10:11 Bitcoin dominance 
10:48 ETH/BTC 
11:50 Bitcoin price prediction 


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carlos torres
28 Jul

The truth is that it is difficult to predict, but according to my experience, when there is such a rapid increase then there is a very sharp drop, but when the income is gradual, the price remains.


preview not available Osato Jegede
28 Jul

The right time to buy Bitcoin for me and make some reasonable cash back is always when the volatility is very high 


- Shoaib
28 Jul

During this lockdown phase price of both Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased significantly.  But still i could not find ways how companies give return to individual who invest and how and how much companies earn who offer such investment proposals.


Josemendez Peter
28 Jul

Well , I think buying bitcoin with this current price rise will be a game of the strong hearted . 

This means that the person will gain if bitcoin rises up to 12k value .


Isaac Christian
28 Jul

Leveraging experience from the capital market, while some people think that buying stocks at low prices is the normal thing to do, events have shown that when a stock is on the rise, you could buy and make some money as it continues on the upward movement.

This is pattern of trading is a strategy on its own different from the traditional investment strategies


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