Nowadays, people have a chance to use different types of transport. Their choice mostly depends on the distance they want to cover and the finances they are ready to spend. If they are limited in time to reach certain destination, they will also take this fact into consideration. Apparently, buses are an old and a popular means of transport. Passengers may either use them within their city/town or go out of it. This paper will dwell on the role of buses in the United Arabian Emirates (UAE), and the way this kind of transport may change people’s life, namely making their routine activities more organized, getting to work less tiring and saving money on using a taxi.

Buses were chosen as a transportation type for this paper as the development of the bus system for the needs of the population in the UAE is worth special attention. The buses in the considered state are used for both – the big cities: “Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain have public bus transportation system.” and outside them: “Buses from the smaller emirate of Dubaitravel southwest along the Persian Gulf coast to reach the city of Abu Dhabi.”.The advantage of this means of transport is the fact that it is quick; the trips are rather comfortable and not expensive. The greatest disadvantage is disorganized system of bus routes since there are no distinct destinations and corresponding bus numbers and low quality of bus transport services for the growing urban centers.

The bus transport sector is constantly improving in the UAE since its appearance. All cars and buses are subject to a single set of road safety regulations as soon as they enter the UAE.The best primary strategy of improvement is developing an accurate map of bus routes and giving numbers to all the buses. However, there are more problems related to this means of transport in the considered state. Though the recently build network of roads is of the highest quality, “the attitude of the average driver using these roads is not modern and highly undeveloped. This fact leads to a growing number of fatal accidents on the highways. Certain types of buses badly need innovations. Thus, female employees of the UAE plants started a campaign for installing air conditioners in the buses, which take them to work. Security regulations of the school buses in the UAE should be changed and restricted, because of the growing number of the accidents. The solution of overcoming these issues lies in the fact that the government should implement a system of fines for the drivers who violate the rules in order to better control of the transport conditions, created for the workers by the employers and each school “should utilize a unified database to record its own accidents”.As it was mentioned above, such big cities as Dubai and Abu Dabi have quite developed bus systems which are similar in prices amounting to 1 – 2 dirhams, as well as the level of comfort. However, such negative characteristics as irregular service, irresponsible drivers and taking passengers only at the starting point are typical for both cities.

My life and the life of the UAE citizens can be significantly changed with the improvements in bus transportation. According to Worku the citizens of the UAE are ready to pay approximately 3 to 4 dirhams for a trip in a comfortable air-conditioned bus, if it follows a certain schedule, has a professional driver and takes the passengers at all bus stops located close to their homes or offices. Undoubtedly, these improvements will give people a chance not to be late for work or school, come to their offices safely and not being exhausted by the unbearable heat. The government and prominent business owners see the necessity in these changes and profitability of them. Thus, a world large-scale producer of buses and other automotive vehicles, announced an investment of $10 million into increasing the number of the production of comfortable buses for the UAE. I think I will use a mix of transportation in future, depending on the distance to my destination point and the time I possess. To my point of view, a combining buses and taxi can be very comfortable for trips both inside and outside the city. Apparently, this means of transport has a chance to become even more popular in the UAE than taxis since not all people can afford having a car, consequently, arriving to work in a corporate bus can be very convenient. The bus transportation in the UAE can be significantly improved and is already under discussion of the government.

To conclude, it is important to state that in spite of the fact that the UAE policies and strategies are reasonable in terms of economy and social life, there are still some areas which require substantial improvements. The discussed aspect of the bus transportation in the country is characterized by a number of the enumerated issues which should be solved in the forthcoming future. The option to use buses as a means of transport will make me more punctual and responsible; open a wide range of working possibilities without the difficulties related to spending much time on the way to work and will give me a chance to see my friends and relatives, who live in different cities and towns.

About author Stive Morris is a sociologist, writer at https://writology.com/rewriting rewriting service. All his life he dedicated to scientific researches. In his free time he hangs out with colleagues, visits scientific exhibitions, reads classical books.


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