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31 Mar
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Bucket List Item #55....CHECK!!

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Saffi Huggaboo 3 months ago

Wow.. I never seen anything like it before 😍 such a cool tree and I can't tell if its on a bridge or not? Looks really beautiful and I can see why you find that fascinating 😉 

If I ever get there I have to goo see that place. Love The thought of a bucket list and one of mine is also to visit USA. 

Thank you for sharing this amazing, cool, weard and wish to see tree 😁 lol 

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

HA! It CAN be odd to be honest...a hole cut out of a huge tree.... but it suckered me in lol! It's sort of a bridge but just something I think to help with mud down I feel. Yeah, visiting the US is a great one. So much to see for sure Saffi ;)

Tiger Lily 3 months ago

I'll do better than that :)

I'll get my old bucket list and make a post for ya  :)

some REALLY AMAZING things on that list!!! probably won't even come close to doing them - but gotta have goals right??? hehehehe

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

Heck yeah!! I can't wait to see it Tiger;)

Maureen Nnoli 3 months ago

Lovely tree. Is it carved? 

Have so many bucket lists though.

Want to travel the world, go on so crazy adventures like sky diving and what not.

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

It WAS lovely till they cut a HUGE hole through it lol! Yes, me too!!  I have SO MANY lists...but sky diving is NOT one of them...NO NO NO!

Shaist Khan 3 months ago

Yes 2up tuesday Everyone is having fun right now and what a post about a car and a tree in what you post.

Isiaka Nasiru 3 months ago

Wow so creative and amazing it's so beatify. I would love to visit Egypt ...

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

Thanks Isiaka...yeah Egypt is another place I hope to visit and check off from my list!!







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