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BTC TA the easy way – breakout arrives and descending channel holds

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Romana Grubesic 6 days ago

\Great and very detailed TA. Thank you for sharing! It is time for alts collecting actions :)

Julescape Crypto 6 days ago

Alts are overdue for an Uptrennd. I don't know what's going on with them but it looks like they may be in a different position this time around and may never reach their old ATHs again.

Osato Jegede 6 days ago

 I have come to that point where I no longer expect less from BTC. It's an enigma, and it's capabilities has no match for the now. Irrespective of the market valuation, these inherent abilities enables Bitcoin to bounced back in a unique fashion 

Julescape Crypto 6 days ago

Well said, OJ lots of new developments around bitcoin. The world is still trying to catch up with it. No stopping the moon rocket now.

Osato Jegede 6 days ago

In line with Romana, it's time to collect Altcoins. Hopefully the market values for Altcoins will surge pretty soon to create an atmosphere of excitement 

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

Thanks mate :) i hope we can set this as a new level! i would not mind sitting around 11/12k and having little run ups for the rest of the year because of the slowly unfolding recession lol

Julescape Crypto 6 days ago

Good point Luke, the conditions are different this year compared to last bitcoin bull runs so nothing is certain, although we like to look at previous history in bull run action. Anything is possible. I hope price climbs steadily up to the new ATH beyond $20k this year already but I may be too optimistic there. 

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

Well with its ATH of 20k we didnt have alot of the evident and looming global situations we do now. Like people were only speculating that the eu would go bust and take the smaller members with them just like they have done to greece.

Italy,portgual,spain,germany are struggling.. This is without the smaller states who rely on the funding from these bigger member states.

Traade/currrency wars between usa and china plus the sanction dodging too from what 4 countries?

These things are very evident now and the media are displaying them daily and this will effect the frame of mind of these markets and economies i believe.

Matthew Rosenquist 5 days ago

I think the volume is having a negative draw on price.  Not sure if it is media/perception related or possibly due to concerns over global finance confidence.  Thoughts? 

Julescape Crypto 5 days ago

Volume is the most important indicator of all in price prediction. It varies up nd down all the time, and with less trading on weekends. 

Global financial confidence is taking strain now, as the recession nears. People are getting out of stocks and into safe havens like gold, possibly bonds, and now new kid on the blockchain - bitcoin. 

Volume fluctuates and is never too low to negatively affect price.

Matthew Rosenquist 5 days ago

As people fear volitiality, do you think those new cryptocurrency investors will retreat into stablecoins versus Bitcoin?  

Alidervash Mirani 5 days ago

The massive intensity taper at the reading of the gap to the downside showed a lot of commerce. More analysts and traders were belike watching for the self close gaolbreak and when it showed itself, everyone hit the FOMO secure and rode the tangency to the come. The living around $11 200 held healthy, with only one develop, which was quick bought rear up by the bulls. This indicates severe aggregation of this region above $11k for now.

Julescape Crypto 5 days ago

It sounds so funny, like you sent my writing through google translate twice - via Hindi and then back to English.


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