BTC Halving and The Bull Market | Microsoft's Cryptocurrency Patent | Alibaba, IBM Blockchain Patent

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In this video we discuss Ethereum 2.0 and its recent audit by Least Authority, the possibility that Bitcoin's upcoming halving won't have the market impact we all anticipated, and the major organizations that are making massive moves behind the scenes with blockchain patents.  

In particular, we look to Microsoft's initiatives. Even with the lack in major cryptocurrency adoption Microsoft has also filed a patent related to the cryptocurrency system which has been titled as “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data’ and intends to use body activity data for mining. Patent Suggests Alternative Way to Mine Cryptocurrencies a cryptocurrency system leveraging different types of sensors to “measure or sense body activity or scan human body,” such as heart rate monitors, thermal sensors, and optical sensors.

References: Though Ethereum's update could be slowed due to testnet Flaws. 
Number of patents out of China for Blockchain Technology are the highest also many by IBM (International Business Machines) 
What are blockchain patents and some examples 
Top Blockchain Stocks of 2020: Best Investment of the Decade Options to Buy 

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