Brothers Secret code 101

Subject : Brother's Code 

Course code: BSC101 


When a girl visits a brother.

If two guys are living in a house, and one of the guy's girlfriend visits. The other brother /guy has 5 minutes to leave the room. 

This has been the secret code that true brothers operate with. We will never be in the same room where our guy and his girlfriend are.  

Except they wanted us to stay and play together, if not we leave the room for them. 

That's why we can sleep outside or even go to another brother's house until our friend's girlfriend leaves.

Every real nigger, respect this code. 

And anyone who breaks it will be duly punished. 

In case you have a stubborn brother who doesn't know he suppose to leave the room for you and your girlfriend or who doesn't know about this code 

Do these;

1. Text him on his phone and tell him to leave the room.

2. Send him on an errand that will waste time small before he will return 

3. If he is too stubborn, rent another apartment and leave him there. Or better still chase him out of the house. 

4. Teach him about the code. 

The brother's code must be protected. 


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Safari bangz 



Josemendez Peter
29 Nov

Lol. Indeed the code is special and real brothers do not need to be reminded of the code. They are always ready to go on exile for a brother .


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

That's a special code in brothers code.. And that code has no reviewing...


Moscom Moses
29 Nov

Hahahaha. Brothers will always keep their code no matter what.

Many guys always leave the room when a girl for the other guy's girl is around.


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

That's guys that understands the brother code


Mughal Mirza
29 Nov

 well this brother code is not implemented on all of us this is only implemented in Nigeria in USA or other countries well I would say that this brother code is very helpful for all couples living together or through those whose GF visit them


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

Yes is very helpful for guys whose girlfriend visits


Royal Evidence
29 Nov

Haha haha funny you. I experience this in my college days my friend will want me to leave and I will not because am innocent in thought.

He will later drag me out and started saying you know now you know now.

I guess he's saying I ought to know the code but I didn't know anything and don't want to know.


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but you should have known the code na!!!! It's the common code every guy knows.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
29 Nov

Yeah you have actually said it all thats how it's been done and every guy knows this code but some can be jealous sometimea and want to acts otherwise but any real guy leaves the house for his friend and girlfriend so as for the babe to give the babe the privacy needed because lady loves privacy alot.


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

I'm telling you, ladies loves privacy a lot.  A wise guy will leave the room for his guy


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
30 Nov

A wise girl will leave the rooms for his guy as that's way to go about it.


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