Brothers code 103: A brother MUST never break up with the girl who cooks for the boys

One of the untold secret of the brotherscode is that we brothers like food and in this generation many ladies are glamouring for equality. A lot of them don't cook for men again. 

They claim cooking is not anybody's job. They say both men and women should cook. 

So this ideology has lead to this refined brotherscode. 

And you know, there is a saying that says; the key to a mans heart is his belly. Feed a man's belly and you will win his heart. 

So many times , a brother will have issue with his girl but because the girl cooks for him and for us(guys), we won't advise him to break up. 

In other ways, we protect girls that cooks for the boys.

So if you want your relationship to last. Better learn to cook at least once in a while for your boy friend male friends.

Just invite the guys over and cook for them. 

This is a secret code every lady should know. 

You might invite the boys once a month or two months and cook for them. 

I tell you sister, you can't lose that man. The boys will always speak for you. 

So the third code in the brothers code is : NEVER BREAK UP WITH THE GIRL THAT COOKS FOR YOUR GUYS. NEVER!!



Safari bangz 

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Chidiebere Christian
30 Nov

Well that's true but food ain't the only thing that will make us not to let go cos she might be good in kitchen but is she good in the oza room?


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

That's true... She gets be good in the two rooms.. 


Dua Fatima
30 Nov

Hahaha, this is just a crazy thinking. How cam boys think about that? That's not fair. Now you are telling us about your secret codes😂😂😂


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

Lol.. You don't like the way I'm sharing our code with you. 


Anthony Eri
30 Nov

😂😂😂 This particular brothers code is utter selfishness! The boys don't care about their happiness but only care for their belly 🙄. What if she ain't loyal and cheated on me? Man I'm kicking her outta my life even if she cooks for my buddies. I will tell them what she did and they would definitely support my decision.


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

Of cos brothers don't support girls that cheat... But brothers will a girl who can cook over a girl who can't no matter how good she is. 


Aakash Baloch
30 Nov

Nice ..... useful tip for females and good advice for males. 

We must respect and care the females whether thery are mothers, sisters, wives or any other relation. 

Once we have committed, we shouldn't break with them especially inspite of all their glamor they cook for us. 


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
30 Nov

Well to some extent it makes sense but I don't think this is applicable to all guys, why will a babe use food to cajole my friend I won't be a part to that unless such friend are glutton while will ordinary food makes my friend to like my girlfriend that's so absurd. Well as for me as a matter of fact if I don't like my friend's girlfriend there is no matter how delicacy your food looks like you won't be able to buy me with that.


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