Brothers Code 102 : When a brother treats a lady bad!!

When you see a brother treating a lady bad, caution him. Don't join him 

A brother is not allowed to treat a lady anyhow. Ladies are queens and they are supposed to be treated as such. No man is allowed to treat a lady less than a queen. 

 When you see a brother treating a lady like a trash , seriously caution him. Don't support him in anyway. 

Remember the brother's code must be protected. 

A brother is to treat a lady like a treasure that she is. One of the secret codes of a brother is that he is under duty to treat a girl right, no matter what. He is not allowed to treat her less. 

And if by any means, another brother finds a brother beating or mal treating a lady, shout for him or report him to the brother hood. 

Brothers are under duty to help or support a brother in treating women right. 

When you see a brother treating a woman right, encourage him, support him. Help him to keep treating the lady right. 

Because in brotherhood we believe that when we treat a lady right, the universe is happy with us.

In brotherhood, we believe in love, we believe in respect for women. 

Real brothers don't beat women. 

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Safari bangz 




Agaga Julius
30 Nov

We should just try to help our brothers treat their ladies nice as women are eggs and treasures. They should be treated nice. 

One who advice his brother to always treat his women bad or advice his brother to keep on treating his girl bad is a bad brother. 

We should try to treat our ladies right as they are the apples we can always see.


Safari Bangz
30 Nov

Yes yes.. We are supposed to treat our girls right...


Ifeanyi Obasi
30 Nov

That's a strong principle of brotherhood..

We strongly stand against gender abuse in all forms and we caution any brother involved in it.

Ladies can't be our prey


victor vickyrich
30 Nov

Yes indeed buddy. No matter what,beating up a lady is not right at all as a man.

It's best to walk out angrily than exhibiting your anger on a lady. You can tell to express your anger but never beat a woman.


Fawad Akhtar
30 Nov

Veey nice point,,, everyone should need ti give respect to ladies,,, because we all know that women are innocent,, we should treat them wuth honesty and respect,,, it will be rewarded best for us,,, we should need to take strict action against our those brothers who treat ladies badly.. 


Mubasher Mahdi
30 Nov

Women have great respect in our society because a family depends upon a wife and we should provide a great favour to woman of our society and no doubt we should encourage our brothers if they respect women. The person who doesn't know how to respect a woman , is still unborn.


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