Breast Feeding( Mother's Milk Importance)

Mother's Milk or breast milk is complete food for baby.  

Just as there is no substitute for mother's blessings, so too there is no substitute for mother's milk in terms of nutrition.  Breast milk is the best food for babies and the first gift of nature. 

 Medical science has also acknowledged that any new food for newborns may be closer to breast milk, but not the same.  That's why every year the first week of August is celebrated around the world as "Breastfeeding Awareness" in collaboration with the World Health Organization, World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action and UNICEF to highlight the benefits of breast milk to the public.  Yes, so that information on the effectiveness of breast milk can be disseminated at all levels.

 Getting examined by a gynecologist during pregnancy is called "antenatal check ups" in medical terms and this is the best time when a maternity specialist can persuade a pregnant woman to breastfeed.  It is a great grace of Allah Almighty that He has arranged the food of His creatures in this process of creation from the time of their creation.  In this way, a mother helps to quench the thirst and hunger of the newborn and also deserves the best reward from Allah. Women who become mothers for the first time need more attention on this occasion. Also, all of them.  It is the gynecologist's responsibility to answer questions, dispel doubts, explain the correct way to breastfeed and inform them about their own diet.

 In the sight of God Almighty, breastfeeding is the preferred practice for the mother and is suitable for the mother.  Pride too.  From pregnancy to motherhood, many people work to help with pregnancy.  Such as guiding a gynecologist and older women during pregnancy, the presence of a doctor or midwife at the time of delivery (TBA: traditional birth attendant), pediatrician immediately after delivery, pediatric nurse or TBA breastfeeding the newborn  

 Guiding breastfeeding and the positive attitude of the husband and family after motherhood is also very encouraging for the mother. 

 In all these stages, it is important to encourage breastfeeding. In fact, the part of the brain that  Happiness and sadness are created in me, the center of breastfeeding is located near it, so when the attitude of the hospital staff and family is positive and encouraging, its effects on the mind are also good.  But if negative things are said in front of the mother, such as her milk is not suitable for the baby's needs or is not healthy, then such things affect breastfeeding.

 Mother's milk, the baby's first right  Yes, which is given to her by nature. Mother's milk not only quenches the hunger and thirst of the newborn, but also strengthens the bond between mother and child. 

 Breastfed babies are smarter and feel safer. They are less likely to get allergies or infections. They are healthier, less stressed and sicker.  Also, children do not suffer from obesity by drinking it.  Flatulence can be a life-threatening illness in infants, but babies who are breastfed are more likely to be protected from the disease.  The amount of salts, proteins, carbohydrates and fats is balanced. Then the temperature of breast milk is normal, free from all kinds of environmental pollutants and germs, etc. It should be noted that the composition of breast milk also increases with the duration of pregnancy.  That is, if a baby is born in the seventh or eighth month, it will be in accordance with the digestive system of a child of that age. Recent research has also shown that a girl and a boy  Breast milk also varies in composition as a result of birth.  

The benefits of breastfeeding extend not only to the baby but also to the mother.  For example, the mother's womb soon returns to its original state.  This process protects the mother from the deadly disease PPH "Post Partum Hemorrhage". Breastfeeding mothers have a lower rate of breast and cervical cancer. Then it is a natural method of family planning.  It also protects against Postmenopausal Hip Fracture.  There is no additional financial burden on the parents, breastfeeding has the effect of satisfaction and happiness in the mother, the mother also feels very good psychologically. Also, such a strong family system is born.  That is, when other family members highlight the importance of breastfeeding, feelings of mutual love and goodwill will emerge, which is essential for a contented family life.

 Breastfeeding from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond are all stages in which the mother needs not only a large amount of food, but also a balanced diet.  Breastfeeding mothers should eat something 7 to 8 times a day.  In this regard, a diet schedule is being listed, the implementation of which will be beneficial for the health of the mother and baby.

 Seven in the morning: Have breakfast, which includes egg, pratha or bread and milk.

  Ten or ten-thirty: Use panjiri, biscuits or bread with syrup or tea. 

 Lunch: Eat a home-made meal at about one o'clock, when the meal includes curry, bread, rice, yogurt and salad.  

4 pm: Use halva, biscuits or any light food with milk or tea. You can also use syrup or fruit depending on the season.

 7 pm: Eat dinner. Try to go outside.  Don't eat  Ten o'clock at night: Since the mother has to breastfeed at night, keep dry biscuits, fruits, dates or dried fruits in the room and when you feel hungry, peel, while drinking a glass of milk before going to bed.  

It should be noted that the mother feels very thirsty before breastfeeding.  This is a natural process, so you must drink a glass of water every time before breastfeeding. In addition, gradually resume your daily activities after motherhood, so that you can stay healthy and fit.  Use the medicine prescribed by the doctor without delay.

 Breastfeeding often involves minor medical problems that need to be understood and addressed.  For example, if the baby does not drink milk for a long time or from the head, nipple sores, breast pain or swelling, etc. If the normal birth is difficult, the birth is by caesarean section, the mother enters the ICU due to PPH or any other complication.  If so, the baby can be breastfed for a few days on the advice of a doctor.  For this, make the milk in the feeder, because there are marks on it, which show the correct way to make milk, but drink it with a spoon, so that the baby is not used to the nipple of the bottle and after a few days he will be his mother & Could drink milk easily. 

Similarly, if there are sores on the nipple, you should be taught the right way to breastfeed. Also, in the meantime, take out the mother's milk and let it stick to the sore, then the sore will heal.  In this case, breastfeeding becomes very difficult.  Swelling can sometimes cause severe shoulder pain and fever.  In this case, soak a towel in lukewarm water. If the mother suffers from inverted nipple problem, her milk can be fed through a special nipple shield.  It is best to consult a doctor so that the right treatment can be given according to the nature of the medical problem. 

Women who are becoming mothers for the first time must know the right way to breastfeed their baby. 

Guidance can be sought from a doctor in this regard.  Usually, while breastfeeding, place the baby's head and body on the whole arm so that the head is on the right arm near the right elbow and the baby's body is turned from the right arm to the mother. 

Similarly, from the left side.  The head and body should be on the left side while breastfeeding.  Sit down and drink the milk in a calm place. Also keep in mind that the black area around the nipple (Areola) should also go into the baby's mouth, because the milk ducts are in that part.  Also, the baby is full and drinks milk and this is the right way.  It has been observed that if a baby drinks milk with only the nipple in his mouth, he will not get enough milk and he will cry anxiously.  Remember, there is no milk in this area and mothers think that the baby's stomach is not full due to lack of milk.  The correct method is to lower the baby's lower lip slightly and let the whole part into the mouth up to the areole, so that the baby will be full and drink milk. 

Always sit the baby and breastfeed. In case of operation, lie down for a few days  If for some reason the mother is premature or the baby is congenitally weak, the mother should still breastfeed so that there is no better food than this. Generally, due to low strength, the baby gets tired quickly.  Breastfeeding stops, so breastfeed from time to time through a breast pump, so that the nutrition is complete, while the amount of feeding with a spoon can be gradually increased. Another important thing is that when the mother breastfeeds the baby.  Yes, the first milk is thinner, which quenches thirst, while the last milk  is thicker, which contains more protein and fats, so if you change the side quickly, you will drink milk.  So the baby will be able to drink only diluted milk. Therefore, give milk from one side for so long that you feel empty.  Then drink from the other side.

 In view of the rising infant mortality rate around the world, Baby Friendly Hospital has been set up, where staff at all levels specialize in breastfeeding. It has also developed a Brest Feeding Policy.  Has been implemented, which can be followed to reduce child mortality. 

 Here are ten points of this policy.

1 Write down the breastfeeding policy and post it, so that all medical staff are aware of it.

 2 All medical staff should be taught the correct breastfeeding methods.

3  Explain the correct method of breastfeeding to pregnant women and its benefits.

4 Immediately after birth, the mother should be instructed to breastfeed her baby.

5 Teach mothers the right way to breastfeed, even if the baby is separated from them for a while.

6 The baby should not be given anything other than breast milk for six months, except for medical needs.

7 The mother and baby should be kept together for 24 hours.

 8 Never give nipples to a breastfed baby.

9  Form a group of breastfeeding mothers, so that they can benefit from each other's experiences after being discharged from the hospital.

10 It is also important to be aware of the unrealistic notions prevalent in the society, so that they can be removed. For example, in some families, the reason for the baby crying a lot or suffering from some other medical problem is considered that breast milk is harmful to health.  , For which a spider is regularly put in milk to test that if it dies, it means that the milk is harmful to health, so the child should not drink breast milk, because the first child does not drink mother's milk, so  All babies born later are deprived of breast milk.  However, the reason may be that the correct method of breastfeeding may not be known. Some mothers say, "Milk is low, so the baby is hungry", to be clear, there is still no scientific reason for the lack of breast milk has been discovered.  Could not  just breastfeeding or not feeding properly, then the milk is gradually depleted, otherwise the whole system of milk production is completed naturally during pregnancy.

 Mother's milk is so important in Islam that no other  A woman can also breastfeed her child in time of need, but then she becomes a mother in a sacred relationship of breastfeeding and the children of both women become real siblings.



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Iqra Nazir
02 Aug

This article is so informative. Ni other food has benefits to the child like breast milk. Other food and powdered milk are just similar to the breast milk but not the exactly breast milk.. So always feed breast milk to your child till two years. 😍



Kifayat khan
02 Aug

This is away some article in much appreciated from me in with the help of this article today I know that how is chilled is difficult to berne and his childhood outstanding and all his difficulties that and we did our found by his mother is mother is really gift for him








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