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26 Mar
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BREAKING! The Scary Truth of the Stimulus Bailout Revealed!!

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Edwin Rubio 1 week ago

i think the proportions are quite fair. there spread out quite evenly and put out of proportion by chico. I'd be overkill to pump hospitals with too much funding I think with the senate passing this we are now able finally get help to the US economy get back on its feet. we have to priortize fighting the diesase and things shall get back to normal but, if we delay the infinite QE will get outta hand.

Charles Fuchs - STACKIN 1 week ago

Na, Millions of jobs lost... most people will buy food. lol

shawn kopischke 1 week ago

Dammit i was thinking there WOULD be a big pump in BTC after the stimulus checks but that is because i KNOW i am going to buy...Chico says people like himself & his viewers will do this but the really BIG money WON'T. I think he is right....We might have to wait a little longer for the moonshot

Edwin Rubio 1 week ago

I say grab the essentials and accumulate little by little. the more time to accumulate the better. bitcoin will eventually moonshot like chico said when the dollar collapses and it will happen.

Fclriygphttic J 1 week ago

all i see is people helping people, this gov isnt doing anything for us.

Erwin Farronan 1 week ago

Yo esoty seguro que sera asi...

Osato Jegede 1 week ago

You're downvote for spamming the platform with poor quality comments that no value to the growth of the platform


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