BRAVE Browser Still Pays Well Its BAT Tokens

I confess that I was a little sad about the end of the BRAVE browser referral rewards program as it was one of my main sources of passive income in cryptocurrencies, and as I divulged a lot on social networks, I always managed to earn good amounts of the platform's native Token from Brave, the BAT.

with the end of browser rewards through download and installation instructions, only the option to view ads remained, because although the main objective of Brave is to be a browser with built-in Adblock, to block all types of unwanted advertising, the browser it also allows you to watch advertisements if you want, and receives fractions of the BAT token for that.

I already used this option and it was very discouraging, as I paid very little at the time, just a few fractions of BAT per day, so I left it a little aside.

But to my surprise, one day I noticed that the amount of BAT fractions obtained through viewing ads had increased ... well, now at least it made some sense to earn some BAT a day, since I have 4 smartphones and 4 computers in And you can install the BRAVE browser on multiple devices without any problem.

It's not much, but I get an average of 2 to 4 dollars a day just by leaving the browsers open on my devices, computers and smartphones.

At the moment I am not selling my BAT earned through viewing ads, I am in Hold because I believe in the BRAVE project and BAT will still appreciate a lot.

If you want to download an excellent browser, which protects your Privacy and still pays you some BAT tokens, I will leave the download link below for you to download, even though I didn't gain anything from it.


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