Brave Browser my thoughts 2020 recent price rise !!

Since I've i joined the BAT community i became an avid believer in what Brave Browser was trying to accomplish. Like many other cryptocurrency platforms brave intends to level the playing field for all user types. Anyone is capable of earning BAT simply by using the browser om a daily bases which many if not all uses some sort of browser for navigating the world wide web.  Not only do they incetivize users to use Brave Browser by earning cryptocurrency payments, they also offer a secure private browser that puts users trust first. Ive earned bat through ads and referalls. Not much but there have been certain things that come up that make me question brave browser as a whole. 

I noticed earning were not coming in or my earnings were alot less in recent months. Ive looked online and searched vidoes about this issue but could not find much information on how to fix. I tried a few things to solve my problem but so far no success. The little earning or rewards from ads only show up if i click on setting under rewards, but my actual amount doesnt update so i can only eait until its payday to see if the fund go through to my uphold account ( which i love uphold)


There isnt much information from brave broswer developers on their website or some sort of roadmap or about any of these issues that many users have been experiencing. I found my self really digging for any information on news updates.  For me this raises some red flags. As i ask myself whats going on with brave browser. Is this something that will continue to grow and develops and expand? I would like to see a more user friendly stream lined introductory display for new users so they can reach more mainstream of regular web browsers. There seems to be to many hurdles and a large learning curve for users to understand  and know how to even withdraw or how to het mobile and desktop synced.

Despite this lack of information the price seems to break record as seen on this chart below


I cant get upset about this ive made over 100$ just from using the browser and recieving tips. My gut though tell me sometbing different. I feel this is more of a pump and soon to be a dump. Dont get me wrong though i do believe that BAT could  be much highers but with the lack of communication or information on the direction and upcoming updates really makes me question this recent rally of price. So before i sign out for the night always think twice and use different variables to any price rise or dip before making ant sudden movements. For me i will still be #holding on bat and looking for news and hopefully wait for many of the bugs and errors to be fixed before i get all to excited about any price fluctuations. 


Let me know what you guys think about brave browser and the current prices



Shehzad Abbas
23 Aug

i thaught brave.i also work is very important for tells that how much brave people in the world.


abad habib
23 Aug

Yes excellent information you said about the browser in the beginning I was hesitant to install this browser that after reading a lot of reviews on the play store and on Google I became are now the biggest fan of this brave browser so the use of the brave browser are also brave so this is a used as well as earning thanks lol


Mughal Mirza
23 Aug

well it is exciting for all those who are holding let's see what happen in their future price goes up or down


Alex Lisa
23 Aug

All people who are holding let's see what appear in their future rate is going up or down


Jawad Ali
23 Aug

what a beautifull  brave browser 

How can i earn token from brave browse

 can you tell me i am also using it


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