BrainiacChess (What it means for gamers)

Hello world,

Most articles you might have read about BrainiacChess is probably focused on the problems out there and the solution we provide using the blockchain technology. Very little has been said about the gaming aspect of the platform which might leave many to conclude "it's just 'another chess game'...well maybe not just 'another chess game', it's just a chess game with incentives attached to it". Well well well, I'm here to confidently tell you that it's not just "another chess game". Now that we have a "gaming" section on uptrennd, I feel the time is right to talk a little more about the features BrainiacChess platform would have.

As I mentioned above, it won't be just another chess game. Other than the solution we provide using the blockchain technology, the platform will also have some unique features which has never been seen on any other chess platform. The game will come in both 2D and 3D. The 2D option is for those who are likely too serious with the game of chess and don't need any fancy look to distract them. These category of people just want to play chess and school you. Don't you mess with these type of people. Others who might also choose to play in 2D are those in area with poor Internet connection. The 3D aspect might require a strong connection, so opting to play in 2D is an option for those who would still like to play but currently in the area where the connection is poor.

The 3D part of the game will be further sub-divided into two categories;

  • The regular chess pieces

  • Human-like chess pieces

The regular chess pieces are the common chess pieces (with super fine designs though) that will appear in 3D. The gameplay is still the same, just comes with a 3D view and better sound compared to the 2D game. 

Now let's talk about the fun part. Let's call it the sophisticated 3D version. This will have all the chess pieces (King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Pawn) in human form. They will also be animated. Whoever knows the game of chess can imagine how dope these pieces will look on the chess board. Imagine the rook with his sledge hammer (oops! Spoiler) capturing the opponent's Knight. Oh here is another spoiler; the Knight is going to be an horseman riding his horse :). I'm not going to tell you guys just yet what the rest of the Characters will look like. 

Let's talk about the sound of this sophisticated 3D version for a minute. It's also going to have crazy effects with human voice. Imagine the Knight movement on the board sounding like an horse gallop or the Rook capturing his opponent's piece and saying "Fall!". You all remember the badass voice of Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat whenever he says "FINISH HIM!"? Yes! Yes! One of our chess pieces have similar voice and effect whenever it captures it's opponent. I'm not going to tell you which piece exactly.  Just keep anticipating.

A more detailed articles will be released soon with pictures and videos of the game prototype. Again, it's not going to be just another chess game. More features and details will be released soon about the game. Stay tuned. In the mean time, join our telegram group chat and interact with almost 900 other Chess and Crypto enthusiasts. 

Stay safe!



preview not available etson arrantes
17 Jan

Wow! I liked this post and other chess lovers will do the same. Thank you for bringing this here in our game section Jephtah👍 👍 


preview not available Lucas S
17 Jan

Ok, I LOVE the fact that you just recalled the Mortal Kombat experience, and if that's incorporated in these chess games it will add a very fun aspect to it. Cool update!


preview not available Victoria Haruna
17 Jan

The 3D option sounds so amazing. I see my self playing this already. 


Juan Jose Soto
19 Jan

i wanna play !! yes !! i have a lot of gains that proyect be launched !!


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