🛑 Brace Yourself!!! Something BIG Coming! 🛑


As we all know "Great things require time" You all have been hearing about Uptrennd App from past few months that's its coming this month or that, we launched a Roadmap which didn't go fully I ADMIT we lack in that but you can't push anything that requires time or publish an app full of bugs, I'm so happy about checking the "SLEEKY UI" of new Uptrennd App which is in testing mode.


At the end of this month, we will be introducing this app to beta testers those who are interested just keep an eye on Uptrennd Announcements Channel we will let you know about all details there. Here is the link


I won't talk regarding Price of Token (1UP) because that's Totaly depends upon market and simple demand and supply rule but this App Launching will be huge I really can't wait to surf on an app version of Uptrennd. It will increase traffic on Uptrennd as we see many mobile apps having millions of monthly users just imagine Uptrennd Mobile App on Google PlayStore or Appstore it will be easily available and easy to use. The more traffic the more will be the user adoption and promotion of Uptrennd.


Uptrennd App launch will be our major success which is more likely to be launched in upcoming months hopefully after full testing and final touches. It's all possible because of you guys who were early adopters of Uptrennd. I've tons of ideas I'll be putting in regarding earning 1UP from Uptrennd App by completing simple mobile tasks and implementing Offerwalls and much more I'll be suggesting to the devs after the launch but all I can say "IT'S JUST OUR START"


It's pretty easy to do critics and throw some words at someone face just to get the desired amount of satisfaction in the brains but YES! I won't respond to them by those works either I'll post success stories of dear Uptrenndians how Uptrennd changed many lives here :)

Your dearest,

^ N A V I ~



saleem khan
25 Nov

Finally our agonizing wait going to be over and App will available soon

I was waiting for that new you are the first from I know about app 

It lookss so unique and attractive to 

I love uptrennd and every member here it is our home...

We are family...


preview not available Skyway Poster
25 Nov

Wow dear brother, we were awaiting for Uptrennd app and that day have come , and I think that there would be beautiful and reliable experience by using Uptrennd via App, 

And I hope that there would be no more features to make the browsing as comfortable, without any bugs


Madiha Maan
25 Nov

Wow this is great news for us that we will also use mobile app on this platform. I will be very happy. I am waiting for the announcement . Thank you very much for sharing good  information 


Asim Alvi
25 Nov

its outstanding step will be considered that we also in future have uptrennd beta mobile app by which we getting announcement on mobile notification board, I am waiting surely, yes rate depend upon market revolving volume of crypto, may increase after launching the app or I am sure when skating open then 1up moon comes...


Iqra Asmat
25 Nov

Wow its a big achievement for introducing uptrend mobile app. Anxiously waiting for the announcement. And I wanna see success stories too coz it's a piece inspiration for me.. I m not talking about others but success stories journies always motivates me. 

Still happy for the uptrend app 🏵️







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