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BOMB - check this great idea!

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Elena Demou 1 week ago

Let's be honest here. Bomb was the first deflationary token... EVER! They created a whole new idea, and it thrived!  It's a genius experiment that that I have been following for some time. This was an amazing post.  Super thorough! Thanks Romana! 

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

Genious experiment! I agree! Thank you Elena. I think this project deserves some attention.

Mykos Inglewood 6 days ago

I have to admit that the bomb token model in my opinion should be everyone's model. They were quite innovative with the idea. It's practical makes sense. However in the end it does feel like nothing more than a game.

If you got in early yes i'd say you're in a better situation like with most projects. However the problem with bomb is that it's not much place left to go. The people who would participate in the bomb project would be existing crypto people. So it has no appeal to growing the space and capitalization. It's just similar to one of those ethereum games to me.

It doesn't have any use case. I'm not certain what the social experimentation idea means. However anything that has the word social in it. I'm immediately looking at how many participants will it have. Bomb won't have much more the reason being because it's several projects who have adopted the model. They have use cases as well.

So to me Bomb token feels like a good movie with a bad ending. If you missed out on bomb more than likely you're going to jump ship to another project like ethplode and the many others coming.

Even the project i'm involved with now is doing token burns in relation to trade volume. So they are certainly a good temporary project. However at the end of their statement or white paper whatever they would call it. It's not really saying much of anything to me besides we're burning tokens. Where is the demand the actual demand to use this? I'm not excited about bomb token and that scares me i think the most. However i do believe this model if used correctly can be a great new way of having the cryptocurrency markets work more efficient.

Romana Grubesic 6 days ago

Great ground for debate:) thank you for sharing your opinion. I guess each of us has some priorities while searching for good projects. I understand what you are talking about, and I hear you. For me, as i wrote above in the post are some crucial lines I like. With this socila experiment, there are a lot of strains of the same wire that are related to same source :) so, burning model is definitely something appretiabled in tokenomics model.

It is stated that it is an experiment. Experiments usually have a purpose of defining some things that are existing and we are aware those exist around us, but we did nit yet find a model to name it. Pure related example is Fibonacci :) results of the experiment are used today.

They learned a lot in while making this project and this knowledge is shared with community. 

So I look at this like this: it can't turn wrong because it is not forced, it is not shilled, it is not pushed. It is left to community to decide what will happen with it. Everthing was airdroproped, no selling :)

I know hiw you look at it, it is a realistic and pragmatic position, but this is why this project is differet, it does not seek for pragmatic statur, it is measuremnt of audince claps, in this case-its community. 

Mykos Inglewood 6 days ago

Yes sure i agree 100% that burning tokens is something quite interesting. So i definetly am curious about the end result. I think what we generally do is try to find comparable projects and their purposes. This feels somewhat unique and at times it doesn't at all.

LIke to me personally it does feel like the research gathered from the ethereum contract games. I'd say they were social and experimental. Some say they were scammy and required money... Maybe to a degree or not. If you call airdrops or affiliate marketing to get them spending money. To be honest i have no idea how people received bomb tokens in the beginning.. I only remember seeing a video with i'm pretty sure was one of the creators saying what exactly the idea of it was. I'm still not 100% sure what it's hoping to find but i am quite curious.

Getting back to the ethereum games they had similar components. They weren't quite deflationary in the way bomb is.. However what would happen is if you exited or entered at a certain price.. as people sold if you stayed in you'd get the ethereum in the contract. However the penalty would go against early people getting out. I guess it's minus your intial investment and hopefully it appreciates above that or you breakeven.

So i broke even or made a small profit. The problem is although it'ss depreciating less coins as you say. It's still dependent on a market of buyers who are hoping the value remains in relation to their investment or they'd have less tokens but a lower buy in price.. Again not enough data to make any determination. Not saying bomb token is doing anything wrong in this. however i do think it's a reason why use cases are necessary over just manufactured deflation. I feel its something missing. from that.

I could wrongly make comparisons to the ethereum based games but it's the only close to similar reference point i have. I certainly think it should exist but personally i'd still feel a bit concerned getting in this late. I can't wait to see the data and if it's opportunity left for those of us who didn't get in early.

Romana Grubesic  5 days ago

I also missed the airdrop, but I saw in one of their telegram groups you still have chance to get some bombs through games and tasks. I also can't wait to see how this project will continue.

And yes, I agree-it is relatively new project. It did a lot in a short period of time. Did you check statistics page? There is a post on Uptrennd with link to a page.

Mykos Inglewood 5 days ago

yes i'm going to check it out now. see if i can get some lol. yea i think this project certainly on the right track though.

Romana Grubesic  4 days ago

Let us know if you catch some! 

Luke Brenland 1 week ago

Great review Romana!! Awesome project too :) They started a new Trend!

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

Thnx Luke! Yes, they have original idea! At least as far as I know!

Acheampong Emmanuel 1 week ago

Great project looking promising too! Anyway thanks for the update!

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

You are welcome. For me it is a very interesting and original!

Lucas S 1 week ago

BOMB is a project that would have been great to  e in on very early! By the time things like this go mainstream, they are usually at around 75-100k users already.

However, it's very interesting to watch the Tokenomics here.

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

Agree completely Lucas! and it is very interesting disscussino in their Telegram group for tokenomics.







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