BOLT~ Your engagement matters.

Hello Uptrenndians

Good to see you all and I hope you are enjoying good health.

Here is something for all of you. This is something special and out of the box for all of you.


  "BOLT project"

 Contest Rules:

1⏩ Make a good post about BOLT ⚡(must have links of bolt global,bolt army announcement and bolt asia of Telegram.

​Here are the links. 

​BOLT Asia:

BOLT Global Official:

BOLT Army 🌍

2 ⏩Share it on any social media platforms like Uptrennd,medium,torum,noise Cash, read cash or any other platform.

3⏩ Share your articles on twitter and mention @asia_bolt ,@bolt_global $Bolt and @SJackfield.

4⏩ More shares means more chances to win🥳

5⏩ Share your link of twitter in BOLT Army. Click here to join.


6⏩ Share your all links below this post

Time duration:

Upto 27th of JANUARY 2021

Reward: 1000 bolts

1st winner ➡️ 400 bolts

2nd winner ➡️300 bolts

3rd winner➡️ 200 bolts 

4th winner ➡️100 bolts 

​​Click here ​​​for any kind of help.

Best of luck everyone✌️💪🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Yours only,

            Kamran Akbar



Gilbert Boniface
16 Jan

Wow. First time hearing of bolt. We learn everyday.

I need to register and join the contest.


preview not available Kamran Akbar
17 Jan 

Join us here and we will guide you


Iqra Tariq
16 Jan

I am not sure about BOLT  but after getting some piece of knowledge I will participate in the contest thank you for another opportunity.


preview not available Kamran Akbar
17 Jan 

Please join us here if you want to know anything about bolt project


Adetola Muheez
16 Jan

No deep knowledge in bolt yet.. I'll make my research n make do good post on it .

Thanks for this gr8 one


preview not available Kamran Akbar
17 Jan 

Join us here and we will guide you


Godson Romeo
16 Jan

i have been wondering about the topic BOLT, lol i was thinking, though the crypto seem very new, i will a research on it then before i partake or write my content 


preview not available Kamran Akbar
17 Jan 

Join us here, we will guide you 


Abdur Razzaq
16 Jan

Now there are multiple ways to have some crypto around you. I am a member of bolt army and we all should join hands to spread awareness of the bolt on all platforms 

It's big opportunity for uptrenndians to grab some bolt.


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